January 25, 2008

Oh Look, A Speeding Camera Company Falsifying Evidence To Get a Conviction!

Documents show Redflex may have used a falsely sworn document to convict motorists with speed camera tickets.

Summary- Two Arizona drivers are contesting mobile speed camera tickets. The Austrailian company (Reflex) who operates the camera falsified their evidence in two ways-

The form indicates that the speed camera van operator performed "Tuning fork tests" at the "beginning of deployment" and at the "end of deployment" and that both tests rated a "Pass." Cheryl A Krough, a notary public and employee of Redflex Traffic Systems in Scottsdale, Arizona, notarized the document with a seal indicating the document was "sworn to before me" in Maricopa County, Arizona, also on October 10, 2007.

Problem #1: The radar operator and Cheryl Krough are 1500 miles apart and neither made an actual journey. So Ms. Kroughillegally affirmed the document.

Problem #2: The radar used is not calibrated with Tuning Fork Tests!

More Government For Profit shenanigans!