January 29, 2008

Dear Chris Matthews, We Tried Your Way And It Has Failed...

MSNBC's Hardball host Chris Matthews-

MATTHEWS: "You know what I think? In big cities they ought to check people on sidewalks like they do getting on airplanes. And why an airplane should be safer than an American sidewalk is crazy to me. Why you can walk down the streets of an American city carrying a concealed weapon without a license is wacky."

MATTHEWS: "I want people disarmed in our major, major cities. How's that for a plan? I don't think we should all be armed, and I don't think more guns is the answer. I think it's wacky to say that the solution to armed robbery and killing in our streets in big cities is to put more arms in the streets. Anyway, thank you Deroy."

Dear Chris,
We have tried your way and it has failed. EVERY SINGLE gun ban has INCREASED violence. IF we could 100% remove guns from an area the only thing that would happen is an increase in stabbing and other violent crimes. Some of us are smarter than a door-knob and don't need to get burned multiple times to learn that fire is hot.