November 29, 2007

Judge Carries Gun In Airport...

...and is let go free with no charges. What would happen if Joe Bleau forgot he was carrying and went into the airport???

Charges will not be filed against a district court judge who was accused of taking a loaded gun to a Detroit Metropolitan Airport checkpoint this summer.

Washtenaw County prosecutors decided not to charge Sylvia James, chief judge of Inkster's 22nd District Court, because investigators couldn't prove she intentionally took the handgun July 28.

"There is insufficient proof to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Ms. James knowingly possessed the handgun," Konrad Siller, first assistant prosecutor in Washtenaw County, wrote in his Nov. 13 memo to the Wayne County Airport Police. He declined Monday to discuss the issue further.

Judge won't be charged over gun she took to airport

November 20, 2007

The Metric System is Fsck'd Up Again!

It seems that Le Grand is Le Wrong!

The cylinder of platinum and iridium used as the standard definition of the weight is known as Le Grand K and kept under lock and key in a vault near Paris.

It was the object that scientists regarded as having a defined mass of exactly 1kg.

But it is drifting out of alignment with the copycat cylinders with which it was forged in London in the 1880s.

The drift of 50 parts in a billion, less than the mass of a grain of sugar, was first noted three decades ago and has continued.

But the difference can cause havoc for scientists who require precise definitions.

Yet another reason to not use the metric system!

November 12, 2007

The Finnish Killings: Don't blame guns - Blame liberalism

Dr Christie Davies hits the nail on the head!

On 7th November 2007 Pekka-Eric Auvinen, an 18-year old schoolboy, went to his school in Jokela, Finland with a .22-calibre handgun and murdered eight people. Christie Davies predicts that the anti-gun lobbies will use these tragic shootings in Finland as part of their irrational crusade against gun ownership. The real causes of Finland's high murder rate are alcohol and liberalism and this particular murderer was a Bolshevik. It has nothing to do with guns.


Thanks to all of the veterans!

Thank you for your sacrifices.