April 27, 2005

The tolerant, anti-hate people are being intolerant and vitrolic.... AGAIN!

It seems that the people whom look down their noses at others the most and are always admonishing others for being intolerant and hateful are, of course, showing their true colors again...

The very liberal Randi Rhodes aired this clip on her Air America show:
    "A spoiled child [insinuating President Bush] is telling us our Social Security isn't safe anymore, so he is going to fix it for us. Well, here's your answer you ungrateful whelp." Four audio clips of gunshots were then broadcast, followed by the warning, "Just try it, you little bastard," and the sound of a gun being cocked.

I find it funny that the people most vocal about hate are usually the ones most full of it...

April 26, 2005

Illegal Immigration - The Solution...

On the radio this morning, the subject of illegals came up and of course, the normal "there's no way to stop them" was said, along with "there's too many to round up". These statements are 100% wrong and lies.

Illegals come to the US for one thing - money (in some form or another). The way to stop them is to eradicate the incentive for them to come.

Then comes the question of: How do you eradicate the incentive? - EASY!

The entire US is covered by laws that makes it illegal for companies and individuals from hiring illegals. The problem is, no one is enforcing them! The government could make a BUNDLE of money if they would just start fining businesses (and individuals) which do not check their employees immigration status and hires illegals.

If businesses (and individuals) were to start getting caught and fined, you'd see the illegals problem go away!

April 22, 2005

The "Tolerance" and "No-Hate" people are again showing their intolerance and hatred

Even before Pope Benedict XVI is fully installed as the Pope, various liberals have already started to label him and exclaim his 'wrongness' for the job.

The same people, who believe they are morally superior to everyone, that are always preaching that people should not pre-judge, be intolerant and/or have hatred, are the exact people showing their prejudice, non-tolerance and hate.

Please note a typical media trick- instead of saying the truth that Benedict XVI was forced into Hitler's Youth Brown Shirts (at age 14) and he soon quit, they will say something like "Some have questioned whether the new pope betrayed any pro-Nazi sentiment during his teenage years in Germany during World War II." which equates him to the Nazis without reflecting his true hatred of them.

BTW, the above nazi quote comes from:
Pope Benedict XVI gets mixed reviews locally - By PORSCHA RADFORD and the Associated Press - http://www.hopestar.com/articles/2005/04/21/news/news4.txt

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US Border Agents catch Brazilians - Big Whoop!

KGRVTV reports: "Border busts yield 147 illegal Brazilians"

The summary: "In just three hours, authorities arrested 147 Brazilians across Hidalgo County. Five different groups of Brazilian immigrants were caught"

Proudly they added: "... but it shows the success they are having as they secure the borders." - which is really not anything to be proud of because the Brazilians were probably the only ones in Hidalgo County not speaking spanish so they shouldn't have been hard to find!

Accuweather - a scumbag corporation

Accuweather, a for-pay weather company, has 'convinced' (given nearly $4,000 from AccuWeather's founder and executive vice president since 2000 to) Senator Rick Santorum (R-Pennsylvania) to introduce a bill which will ban the National Weather Service from 'competing' (publishing free weather data that has already been paid for by the taxpayer).

The US people pay taxes for NOAA to collect weather data. It is a crime for them not to pass on the data (that the US people have paid for) to the US people for free!

This is another example of who the Republicans are in bed with business and could care less about right & wrong or the American people.

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April 19, 2005

How to kill a country ...

Let's first ensure that you, the reader, has a grasp on the concept of wealth-

Wealth is a very broad term that encompass all things valuable (money, stocks, houses, shoes). If it has value, it is wealth. That being said, let's start the lesson...

There are only two ways to acquire wealth - earn it or make it. The service industries EARN wealth and the manufacturing industries MAKE wealth. There is no other way to acquire it. By the way, investments fall into the service industry category.

Let me give you an example: Let's say you have two islands. On island 'A' there are rocks and caves and nothing else except enough plants to keep the natives alive. On island 'B', there are trees and plenty of plants. Island 'A's people can manufacture nothing and therefore gain no wealth. Island 'B's people make boats, furniture, hair combs, candles and etcetera thus as island 'B' makes more products, they gain wealth (even though there is no money). A man on island 'B' with a boat is wealthier than a man on island 'A' with nothing. The only way that island 'A's people can gain wealth is to provide services (labor) to island 'B's people (manufacturing).

How to kill a country-

The very best way to kill a country is to kill the manufacturing of that country. The Republicrats and the Demlicans have been doing this very effectively since the 1960s. They have choked off American manufacturing by making laws that unfairly gives foreign manufacturing an edge.

China is a prime example, US manufacturers have been almost completely wiped out because of environmental laws, workers laws, and taxes where as Chinese manufacturers have almost none of these restraints AND the benefit of almost slave labor. The US government then further hurts the US manufacturers by giving China most favored trading status and removing virtually all tariffs! There's NO WAY American manufacturing can compete because the US government has made the playing field so lop-sided in China's favor!

Let's clarify that enviromental and worker laws are not bad things. What is bad is when country 'A' has to follow them and country 'B' does not (and the government of country 'A' gives country 'B' virtually tariff free trade)!

The Free-Trade agreements, which were sold to the American people as a guaranteed market for US goods, have horribly back-fired. They have cause more foreign made products to flood the US and have choked off US manufacturing even more by allowing jobs and industries to flee across the border.

The US people don't seem to mind killing themselves as long as they can buy a cheap-DVD players for $30...

What fools these mortals be