January 26, 2005

Economist: China Loses Faith in Dollar

Summary: "The U.S. dollar is no longer -- in our opinion is no longer -- (seen) as a stable currency, and is devaluating all the time, and that's putting troubles all the time"

And this is the result of the US going to a European Banking system which the founding fathers opposed and warned us against.

Think about it this way: without our money being set to a standard, it will ALWAYS lose value. Therefore, if you SAVE your money (like you are supposed to do) you will lose money. This forces people to invest their money (which is risky) just to beat inflation. Enron employees can tell you what can happen when you risk your retirement in investments.

The US needs to get back on a money standard!

From the "Keep It Simple Stupid" department

Mobile virus infects Lexus cars

Summary: Some Lexus cars catch a computer virus through their fancy bluetooth wireless connection which hoses the car.

THIS is the exact reason why computers should be kept out of cars! Wait until someone gets killed because a car computer caught a timed virus and the accelerator goes to the floor in rush hour traffic.

Cars should be made simple to avoid this (and cut repair costs in half). Car manufacturers are making cars too complex and everyone pays the price in repair costs. It takes a good amount of a mechanic's time to remove all those dumb plastic beauty covers in the engine compartment which jacks up your repair bill!

January 25, 2005

Turner takes a stand - Maverick mogul blasts big business congloms

GREAT! Ted Turner is now upset about media conglomeration! Funny, when Time-Warner offered him money for his empire, he wasn't too worried about it then.

Ted, we all know that if it was YOUR empire that was the media conglomerate you would find everything just peachy. Please shut up and go away.

Gates gives $750 million for immunization

So first Gates (& Co.) use predatory monopolizing techniques to destroy (or buy out) competition (and still does BTW). Then they rip us all off with upgrades and generally screw people. They buy their way out of a monopoly ruling with the Bush administration by sliding the Repubs some get-out-of-jail money and we are all now supposed to think better of Billy G because the $30 billionaire gives away a measily $750 million (which is all a big tax write-off).

What a scum bag. It was probably Melinda making him do it anyway.

Russia's nationalists call for ban on Jewish groups

Um, tell me again how Europeans are so progressive and open minded.....

The Minuteman Project

Here's a group that I heard about this morning... Their hope is "to bring serious media and political attention to this [ illegal alien problem]" by spotting and reporting to Border Patrol the illegal aliens in a 20-mile stretch of lowlands across the San Pedro Valley in Arizona.

I fear that Border Patrol will ignore most of their calls and one of them will get hurt by the illegals. Then the media will do a dog-and-pony show about how these guys were dumb and wrong.

I wish them luck.

January 18, 2005

Europeans just don't get it.

From CNN.com (Monday, January 17, 2005)-

"EU considers Nazi symbols ban"

The Nazis used laws and the power of the government to control the German people's thought's and actions. The EU is doing the same thing when it makes laws like this.

Wake up Europe. Decide your own life and don't let the government legislate how you think.