January 24, 2008

Open letter to Mike Duncan,The GOP & RNC

From: Joe's Crabby Shack...

(Warning: This post may contain language not usually heard outside a U.S. Navy/Biker/Welder/trucker bar containing my Aunt Nancy.)

To: Mike Duncan, president Republican National Committee
RE: GOP presidential candidates.

Dear Republican Party;

F*** you, Republican Party.

I’m done.

I like to think I’m a forgiving kind of guy, but I’ve had it with the GOP. For years, they’ve known that they can trot whatever asshat they want out there and we, the gunowners, will vote for them.

So, this year they just keep the shit train a rollin’ and give us the commie (Mitt), the Democrat (Rudy), the religious nutbag (Huck) and a candidate who thinks the Bill of Rights is a helpful suggestion but little else (McCain).

I’m not counting Paul because you Republicans don’t want anything to do with him.

The GOP figures it has the gun vote locked up, because look at the alternative… Obama, Hilary, and Edwards.

Guess what, Mr. GOP? Screw you. I’m going third party.

Frankly, I think all Freedom Fiends should, too.

Lest you think this is a Ron Paul stump speech, let me be very clear:

I don’t give a rat’s ass which third party you vote for… just don’t vote mainstream.

Before you waste your time and bandwidth preaching to me about wasting my vote, consider this…

How is voting for McCain, Huck, Mitt, Rudy, Obama, Hilary, or Edwards NOT WASTING MY VOTE?

If any of them are elected (almost assuredly) then I. Am. Screwed. As are you, if you have even the slightest affinity for firearms.

So, let’s spend our votes for a cause.

Don’t stay home, go vote third party.

Vote Paul or Green or Libertarian or Reform or Scientologist… I don’t care.

By voting third party maybe, just maybe, the asshats in power of the Republican party will see that the gun vote is no longer theirs do with as they please. Maybe, just maybe, come 2010 the rat bastards will give us some decent freaking candidates.

God, I feel like the ex-girlfriend that just figured out her ex- only tries to get back together with her long enough to get laid. She keeps taking him back, putting out, then finds him in shower nailing her roommate Cindy.

Enough. I’ve had it.

Tell you what, GOP.

If you decide you want the gun vote back, then get us an honest to God pro-Second Amendment candidate. Give him or her the support you never gave Thompson.

If you prove you really, really care about me and want to stick with me, I might… just might… let you back into my panties.

Until then…. F*** off.