December 12, 2005

To hell with Tookie, save Cory!

I'm tired so here's a cut and paste from:

With all the controversy over the impending execution of Stanley "Tookie" Williams, founder of the L.A. street gang the Crips, who is on death row for multiple murders, it's noteworthy that the story of another black man facing execution is not making the headlines. In this case, the state is Mississippi, and the man on deathwatch is Cory Maye.

With the exception of libertarians Radley Balko, blogging at the Agitator, and Steve Gordon at Hammer of Truth, there is almost nobody in the media ranks who seems to care. Meanwhile, Maye's story is far less convoluted than Williams' sordid tale. According to both Balko and Gordon, the man was minding his own business, asleep in his bed with his baby daughter in her crib, when several armed men stormed his door and entered his Prentiss, Miss. home, one night in December, 2001. In fear of his life and those of his family, Maye raised a gun and shot one of the intruders, seriously wounding him. After a bit more struggle, during which the other intruders identified themselves as police officers, Maye surrendered and was taken into custody, while his home was searched for illegal drugs.

As it turned out, the troops were looking for Jamie Smith, the man who lived on the other side of the duplex, suspected of drug dealing, and had stormed the wrong door. Nobody among the officers on the scene had even been made aware that the property was occupied by more than Smith himself, and they assumed the other door was only a side entrance to the house. Unfortunately, the officer Maye shot ended up dead; more unfortunately for Cory, who is black, the officer was not only a white man in Mississippi, but the son of the local police chief.

According to the stories by both sources, the trial featured an incompetent defense attorney, an all-white jury and a prosecutor who played fast and loose with the rules of courtroom conduct. Maye was convicted of first-degree murder of a police officer, and sentenced to be executed. Appeals since then have only served to delay the process. At no time has the fact that this man was merely protecting his home from invaders been taken seriously, even though Mississippi law does allow such self-defense as a justification for killing someone.

More info here: Google News

October 31, 2005

The Injustice System shafts Irwin Schiff

Wether you like them or not, Tax Protesters have the right to a fair trial. It seems that Irwin Schiff got the royal shaft from the inJustice System.

Rick Rajter, over at The Hammer of Truth posted this artice: The Sham Trail Of Irwin Schiff and if even HALF of the information is true, Judge Kent Dawson needs to be removed from any legal profession immediately!

Here are some of the things Judge Dawson reportedly did to Irwin Schiff:
Judge Kent Dawson stated he was the LAW, and anything that Congress wrote was of no bearing in his courtroom.

We would like to resolve the matter, but it appears that Irwin Schiff, 77 years old, will be spending the rest of his life in prison because Judge Kent Dawson stated he was the LAW, which Congress was NOT.

Judge Kent Dawson:
1) Refused to allow the Internal Revenue Code to be read in the courtroom unless it supported the prosecution.
2) Sustained every objection by the prosecution when the defense was asking the questions, which was more than 80% of the defense’s questions.
3) Had only the defense’s witnesses Mirandized and not the prosecution’s witnesses.
4) Had only witnesses in for the defense to be questioned on the character of Irwin Schiff and nothing about his books or other materials on tax law.
5) Allowed the prosecution to state to the jury before they went to deliberate; “You are hereby notified that if you do not bring back a decision of guilty you will be breaking the law.”
6) Denied the jurors from seeing the Internal Revenue Code when they asked for it, thus making the jurors guilty of; “ignorance of the law is no excuse.”
7) Had Irwin Schiff and Cindy Neun convicted on ‘WILLFULNESS’ which was not given in great detail of what it was.
8) Denied bail for both Irwin Schiff and Cindy Neun as they were both flight risks for their promoting the TRUTH of the law, and NOT for any felony!!!

Humans have polluted Mars and Pluto!

Apparently, like Earth, both Mars AND Pluto are now experiencing Global Warming. Obviously, they must have humans on them that are polluting!


...maybe the whole Global Warming thing is a scam! (Not the warming part but the cause part.)

Global Warming is caused by the SUN'S periods of activity. NOT by cars or air conditioners. Mars and Pluto are proof.

Global Warming on Pluto Puzzles Scientists

Global Warming... on Mars?"

October 25, 2005

The H-1B Swindle

"It appears there is hard evidence to prove that employers are using the H-1B visa program to hire cheap labor; that is, to pay lower wages than the national average for programming jobs."

The H-1B Swindle

October 24, 2005

Why the Patriot Act is a bad thing...

"The FBI has conducted clandestine surveillance on some U.S. residents for as long as 18 months at a time without proper paperwork or oversight, according to previously classified documents to be released today.

Records turned over as part of a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit also indicate that the FBI has investigated hundreds of potential violations related to its use of secret surveillance operations, which have been stepped up dramatically since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks but are largely hidden from public view.

In one case, FBI agents kept an unidentified target under surveillance for at least five years -- including more than 15 months without notifying Justice Department lawyers after the subject had moved from New York to Detroit. An FBI investigation concluded that the delay was a violation of Justice guidelines and prevented the department 'from exercising its responsibility for oversight and approval of an ongoing foreign counterintelligence investigation of a U.S. person.' "

The Patriot Act just makes this easier...

I want to know where the arrests of the FBI agents are for breaking the law????

Here's the article:
FBI Papers Indicate Intelligence Violations

October 12, 2005

Our Money SUCKS!

The boys over at Free-Market News Network have a really good editorial on, well simply put, why our money sucks.

For those of you who will read this and think that it's just "Black Helicopter Talk" can just stop right now. Go back to your People magazine, you are ignorant.

If on the other hand, you would like to read about why the Founding Fathers DID NOT WANT UN-BACKED MONEY and it's consequences.

Enjoy some quotes:
"Did you know that America suffered under 5000% inflation? It's true - when the Continental Congress declared war on England, it had no means to pay for the revolution because it had neither money nor the power to tax. America began with little more than the hope and a prayer by a few strong willed people who wanted to be free at any cost. In 1775, when the Revolutionary War began, the total money supply in the United States stood at only $12 million. In June of the same year, the Continental Congress started printing paper and said it was money. By the end of that first year, Congress had printed $6 million in paper money called "Continentals"."

"Plus the States printed their own currency too, which brought the growth in the money supply in America to over 5,000% inflation. None of the paper money had any backing. All of it lost its value until it was completely worthless, which brought about the phrase, 'Not worth a Continental.'"


"By simply returning to a value backed money, rather than worthless government paper money, the United States began its journey to the pinnacle of nationhood. Yet, today, we are again addicted to using un-backed government paper money called 'Federal Reserve Notes,'..."

A very good read that will open some eyes...

What Are We To Do?

Another article on Red Light Cameras.

Yet another article pointing out the increased DANGER due to red light cameras.

"“When a city has an intersection with a violation or crash problem, in most instances, there are engineering flaws with the intersection that are causing the problem. When a camera is installed, these flaws aren’t fixed … they are covered up.” Interestingly, the Des Moines Police Department has come out publicly against their use. Katchkey notes they’ve stated that at least 40 percent of the revenue their use generates goes straight to the camera companies themselves. -DS"

Here is the article:

October 11, 2005

Blatant racism in Congress!

A little known CONGRESSIONAL group (that allows only members of a certain race) has formed a foundation to further it's goals. The Congressional WHITE Foundation's stated purpose is:

"The Congressional White Foundation, Inc. (CWF) was established in 1976 as a non-partisan, non-profit, public policy, research and educational institute. Our mission is to serve as the non-partisan policy-oriented catalyst that educates future leaders and promotes collaboration among legislators, business leaders, focused organizational leaders, and organized labor to effect positive and sustainable change in the White American community. To that end, CWF works to broaden and elevate the influence of White Americans in the political, legislative, and public policy arenas.

With a focus on Education, Public Health, Economic Development and European Globalism, CWF is the premier organization that creates, identifies, analyzes and disseminates policy-oriented information critical to advancing White Americans and people of European descent towards equity in economics, health and education.

All CWF and CWC Spouses programs are supported by fundraising events and corporate underwriting. Each year, CWF sponsors the Annual Legislative Conference (ALC) which provides a national forum to develop strategies and viable solutions to public policy issues facing White America.
In addition, CWF produces regional symposiums throughout the country to explore public policy concerns and to solicit opinions and recommendations of citizens at the local community level. "

It is AMAZING how a group of elected government officials can be so blatantly racist and NOBODY notices!

Here's the link:
Congressional White Foundation

Home Depot Gets Their Just Deserts!

Good news today! Home Depot, the corporation that actively SUPPORTS illegal immigration, gets some just desserts! They are now having a small problem with their beloved illegals congregating in front of their stores as day-labor pick-up sites. They are experiencing problems of customer harassment and such. HA HA HA!!! They deserve it!

Home Depot LOVES to employ illegals and supports illegal immigration! Illegal immigrants are just fine by them as long as they:
     1) Work for Home Depot and drive down wages...
     2) Are buying stuff!

If those same beloved illegals are on their property, not doing #1 or #2, they are a problem!

Home Depot, you deserve it you f*ckers!

Here's the links:

Home Depot put in tight spot by day laborers

Home Depot: Illegal Immigrant Magnet

Day Laborer Battle Runs Outside Home Depot

Anti-Illegal Immigrations sites:

Save Our State (California)

October 10, 2005

RFID- Another BAD idea!

For those of you who do not know what an RFID is, it's a little microchip that stores data and when it gets near a reader, the reader can read that information. They are mostly being used for stores to keep track of thier products and as ID implants for pets.

Various entities, both governmental and non-governmental, want their use to be extended to our IDs (drivers license, passport, national ID and etc.) and to our credit cards and even other devices (like cell phones) to act as credit cards. All of these are INCREDIBLY BAD IDEAS because if someone wanted to steal your identity, card card number or etcetera all they would have to do is walk by you and read your RFID then, program their own with your number!

Anyway, here's the article with a better explanation:
You need not be paranoid to fear RFID

The Weeding-Out Process is working!!!!! WHOO HOO!

California's baby boomers drug overdoses are rising
! Proof that the Weeding-Out Process works!

Summary- Apparently the median age at which you would be stupid and OD your dumb-a$$ is following a specific generation in the wonderful People's Republic of Kalifornia.

To a degree, it seems overdoses are following the same generation through time. In California, the age at which someone was most likely to die from a drug overdose in 1970 was 22; by 1985, it was 32; and today it is 43, according to calculations by Males, based on state health data."

Hmm, 1970-22=1948 birthday = a hippie... hmmm,1985-32=1953 birthday = a hippie... etcetera

More good news-
"Indeed, overdoses among baby boomers are driving an overall increase in drug deaths so dramatic that soon they may surpass automobile accidents as the state's leading cause of nonnatural deaths." - Sounds like those old hippies FINALLY found a workable solution to the Social Security problem for the rest of us! I never thought I'd see a hippie actually come up with an actual solution to a problem!

It's a natural process!

Southwest Airlines has a spine! CONGRATS!

You all have probably heard about this story by now but, let me comment. The summary is-

Lorrie Heasley thought it would be 'fun' to board a Southwest Airlines plane wearing this shirt--->

While on her flight, she was asked to cover her shirt which she did [by apparently pulling an airline blanket over her]. During the flight, the cover fell off and the flight crew apparently received some complaints so, they asked her to change shirts or change flights.

"I didn't feel that I should have to change my shirt, because we live in the United States, and it's freedom of speech and it was based on the move 'The Fockers', and I didn't think it should have offended anyone." was her quote to CH4 KRNV.

Southwest rules allow the airline to deny boarding to any passenger whose clothing is offensive. But American Civil Liberties Union officials say Heasley's T-shirt is "protected" political speech under the Constitution.

Needless to say, Ms. Heasley (and the ACLU) apparently have no clue as to what the Freedom of Speech section of the 1st Amendment says or means. They don't realize that it is to protect people from BEING ARRESTED and DOES NOT give people the right to say anything they want with consquences.


Southwest Airlines told Heasley she could take a different flight home if she changed her shirt. She refused and opted to rent a car and drive home.

"I most likely wont be flying Southwest Airlines again after this." Ms. Heasley said.

GOOD! I'll take your place on them (because I won't have to read obscenities on idiot's shirts!)

Harriet Miers- Watching the GW Kill the Republican Party...

Evan Maloney at Brain Terminal has an EXCELLENT summary of the problem with the Harriet Miers appointment...

Selected quotes:
"Conventional wisdom still has it that Miers is a shoo-in for confirmation. We're not so sure. From what we saw last night, the right is furious at President Bush for appointing someone they see as manifestly underqualified and for ducking a fight with the Democratic left..."

"When in 1962 Edward Moore Kennedy ran for his brother's seat in the Senate, his opponent famously said that if Kennedy's name had been Edward Moore, his candidacy would have been a joke. If Harriet Miers were not a crony of the president of the United States, her nomination to the Supreme Court would be a joke, as it would have occurred to no one else to nominate her."

...and finally...
"It is particularly dismaying that this act should have been perpetrated by the conservative party. For half a century, liberals have corrupted the courts by turning them into an instrument of radical social change on questions -- school prayer, abortion, busing, the death penalty -- that properly belong to the elected branches of government. Conservatives have opposed this arrogation of the legislative role and called for restoration of the purely interpretive role of the court."

Here's his article:
Bush's Court Fumble

Those wacky racist Christians are at it again!

A group calling themselves "Nation of Baptists" has posted a list of 'Issues' that they have demands concerning. Here's an excerpt:

"1. Unity
We call, first, for the unity amongst White peoples and organizations. We call for unity amongst all European peoples and peoples of European descent worldwide.

2. Spiritual Values
We call for Atonement, Reconciliation and Responsibility. We organize in the name of our God (The One Creator) and on sound ethical, moral principles and values. Our Movement affirms the rich legacy and diversity of our spiritual traditions and calls for unity and understanding among our religious faiths and spiritual traditions.

3. Education
We demand an end to substandard education in our community. The Millions More Movement advocates, and will develop, a new, independent educational paradigm for our people. We must have a knowledge of self, our history, and the best education in civilized society. We will build a skills bank, the talent of which will be used in the development of our people."


"4. Economic Development
We will establish a White Economic Development Fund, with the support of millions, to aid in building an economic infrastructure. We will also offer housing ownership opportunities to check the adverse tide of gentrification. The Millions More Movement will produce and distribute its own products and supports “Buy White” campaigns."


"6. Reparations
We demand full and complete Reparations for the descendants of European indentured-servants. We demand that America take the appropriate steps to help in the repair of the damage done from 300 years of indentured-servitude and 50 years of the misuse and abuse of governmental power to destroy White organizations and leaders."

...and finally...

8. Health
We demand an end to the lack of adequate health care in our community and we demand free health care for the descendants of Europeans in this nation. The Millions More Movement will present a Preventive Health Care Plan to our people that will begin with a campaign to educate our people on healthy dietary, eating and exercise habits."

Pretty racist eh? Well here's the link to the full original text:

The Issues of The Millions More Movement

Big Media's apathy to the Oklahoma bombing...?


So a guy blows himself up right outside a stadium with 80,000 people in it and it gets 2 minutes of coverage from the mainstream media!?!?

They, report it as a suicide and then let the story die. Something odd. I mean a they totally ignore the fact that he tried to obtain a LARGE quantity of ammonium-nitrate (much more than necessary to kill himself)... There is ties to his muslim roomate... He chose the same explosive and the Shoe Bomber... There's supposedly explosive materials stored in his car... The whole thing is too weird. There's more to this than a simple suicide!

Here's the links:
Jim Hartline's Blog

Michelle Malkin

Is Lack Of Big Media Coverage Of Oklahoma Explosion OK?

...and this is why non-native species are a bad idea.

Python swallows cat in Florida backyard

Some idiot obviously lost his snake and now, a family kitten is dead because of it.

October 05, 2005

Brits are bringing tears of joy to my eyes!

71 year old vicar, Alfred Ridley, is a Brit to be admired! He (like Sylvia Hardy) refused to pay an increased tax (on the grounds that it was significantly more the the rate of inflation), was sentenced to 78 days in jail and he served every one of them!

Now, he says he'd do it again!

I applaud these fine British citizens for standing up to what is right and facing the money grubbing tyrannical governments!

Here's the links:
Google News

Voting for a 3rd party is a wasted vote?

I can't tell you the number of times that I've heard "voting for a 3rd party is wasting your vote". I can tell you that that statement is bunk!

My normal, for the simple-minded, retort is: "There will never be a real 3rd party until someone starts voting for them".

In actuality, my 3rd party vote is MORE IMPORTANT to the two main parties than the average voter's vote! This is because, a 3rd party voter is, for the most part, an independent voter. The Republicrats will always have the Republicrats votes and the Demlicans will always have the Demlican vote. EVERY PARTY tries to win the independent vote. So, Republicans cringe when they see Libertarian votes because they are usually lost Republican votes. The Democrats HATE to see Green Party votes because they are.... you know. The Reform Party is full of nut-cases so no one cares about their vote (just kidding).

So, when a 3rd party gets significant votes, the two main parties take notice. This is how 3rd party votes effect national politics.

As for state and local politics, a 3rd party vote is important because it increases the chance of a 3rd party to become a viable national alternative. SO VOTE FOR A 3rd PARTY!

Here's the link:

Bias in the media... (...and a rant about Earle/DeLay)

The Right is always claiming that there's a Liberal bias to the Main Stream media and the Left claims the exact opposite. I, admittedly, lean to the Right so I assume that I am more sensitive to the Liberal bias. I can see the bias of Fox to the Right but, I see the bias of NBC, CBS, ABC, NPR et al to the Left. It's refreshing when I run across hard examples that easily show the leaning of the bias.

Tom DeLay is a prime example! For the past two days, I have read and heard that Tom DeLay has been indicted on a SECOND felony charge! It's been all over the web, radio and TV. The reason this shows the bias so well is because, like (all of) my co-workers [that I have asked], we have been under the impression that he's facing TWO simultaneous indictements - not true. It wasn't until this morning that I heard the true story on, not a NEWS REPORT, but a TALK SHOW.

It seems as though Ronnie Earle is more interested in 'nailing' DeLay than he is on enforcing the law! Here's what happened to the first indictment (that was pushed through on the Grand Jury's last day of meeting):
"Last week he indicted DeLay on a state jail felony count of conspiracy to violate state election laws. When DeLay's attorneys pointed out that the crime was allegedly committed in 2002 and the legislature didn't add conspiracy to the election law until 2003, Earle scrambled to come up with new charges" - from

Now, how does this show media bias? Easy! Myself and my co-workers all knew about the second indictement but we didn't hear/read a peep about Ronnie Earle's screw-up and the dropping of the first. Which shows Earle to be on a witch hunt to get DeLay and shows the media's bias against DeLay.

As for proof of Earle's witch-hunt:
"[Earle] had to pass the charges by three grand juries before finally finding one that would issue new indictments (this time for money laundering and conspiracy to money launder). Those jurors had been seated for just hours--not even long enough to get their parking permits, as DeLay's lawyer quipped on a local radio program."

Now, let me state for the record that I am no fan of DeLay's. Nowadays, Republicans and Democrats are the same thing.

October 04, 2005

Why doesn't either party do anything about illegals???

I was asked today "Why doesn't either party do anything about illegals?" and for those of you not privy to the answer, here it is:

  • The Democrats see illegals as 'poor people' who benefit from their hand-out welfare schemes so they figure that they will get votes/support.

  • The Republicans see illegals as religious Christians and they figure that they will get votes/support.

...and yes, illegals do manage to vote.

Both parties care about:
  • Loosing Votes/Support - They are afraid to take action against illegals for fear of losing the support of the largest minority in the US.

  • Economic Growth - You can either have 100 citizens with $20 in their pocket and let each earn $10 more for a total pool of $300 OR you can add 200 illegals and cause everyone to have only $1 for the same $300 pool.
    Either way, you have grown the economy but, the former is good economic growth, the latter is bad economic growth.

  • Appease Businesses - Since paper-people (businesses) have more sway (through $) on who gets elected than citizens, businesses are a good thing for a politician to keep happy with lots of cheap labor. Illegals provide cheap labor AND force pay down (via illegal dumping of labor on the market) which makes the paper-people very happy and screws us citizens.

  • Fills Economic Bottom - There will ALWAYS be people who are the richest and some who are the poorest. If you give the poorest enough money to raise them, then a new set of people become the poorest. This is an un-breakable law of economics.
    If you have a country with the poorest people being citizens who make $10K and you dump illegals into the country that make only $8K, guess what, you have moved the poorest down to $8K and artifically raised the poor citizens out of the poorest catagory. They still have no more buying power but, they are no longer the poorest. Now, before you say, "$10k is still poor!" let me point out to you that we are speaking in strict terms for this example and not absolutes.

This is why politicians will not raise a finger to enforce the laws and are betraying us.

September 29, 2005

Things that Offend Islam

Very good article by Barbara J. Stock.

"Burger King will be withdrawing and changing the logo for its ice cream cups because, if one looks very closely and has a good imagination, the logo appeared to some Muslims to look sort of like the word Allah in Arabic if it was viewed from just the right angle. Not wanting to offend, Burger King caved in to the constantly complaining and whining Muslims who seem to find some offense in just about everything these days. One has to wonder just how many Western Muslims can even read Arabic."

Things that Offend Islam

Political Correctness Hypocrisy At Bucknell University

Evan Maloney, over at, reports that typing "hunting terrorists" [in regards to military operations in Afganistan] in an e-mail is offensive whereas having the word "vagina" on flyers plastered all over campus is 'free speech' at Bucknell University!

Here's some excerpts:
"According to the students, when they arrived at the President's Office for the meeting, Ms. Owens held up a print-out of the offending e-mail and said "we have a problem here," telling the students that the words "hunting terrorists" were offensive. For the next half-hour, the three students were given a lecture on inappropriate phrasing."

"...I noticed that the campus was plastered with flyers that screamed "vagina" in large block letters. Although some people might find these flyers offensive, it is protected speech at Bucknell--as it should be--but apparently the phrase "hunting terrorists" is not."

Shame on you Bucknell! Go to hell Mizz. Owens!

Read the details here:
Don't Say These Words at Bucknell

September 28, 2005

America: Home of freedom! (unless you want to sit on a public park bench)

Apparently the People's Republic Of New York practices discrimination... They confiscate tax money from ALL citizens and then fund parks that are open only to a certain people (adults with children). If you do not have a child, you can get arrested for going into a public park! Welcome to a Free Country.

Here's the links:
Google News

September 27, 2005

National ID card.... A REALLY bad idea

Brought to my attention by:

The Surrender-Monkeys are exposed...

Ever wonder WHO is paying for all these people to not be at work and stage protests? Well, here you go:


It seems that the various Communist/Socalist organizations and Islamic Organiztions with terror ties are all over the place.

Saudi gets liver over others on national organ list because of payoff...

What the hell are we doing!?! US CITIZENS should get organ transplants before non-citizens!!!

What makes it even worse is that it was for a pay-off: "Saudi Arabia's embassy paid $339,000 for the operation -- about 30 percent more than the hospital would normally get from insurance and government programs."

Here's the links:
Washington Post
Jerusalem Post
All Headline News

Sylvia Hardy - Heroine!

73 year old Sylvia Hardy is a Heroine! She has been sent to jail for refusing to pay local British taxes because they are bleeding pensioners dry- "She described the tax as a "daylight robbery" and, in court, told magistrates that the charge for her two-bedroomed flat had risen by 50 per cent since 1995, while her pension had only increased by 1.7 per cent a year."

You won't believe what these taxes are being wasted on:
What they are wasting jailed Sylvia's taxes on

Here's the links:
Google News

September 21, 2005

Shawn Roberts = someone to be admired!

Kimberly Boyd

Brian Clark

Shawn Roberts

Neal Boortz described it best:
"Roberts was driving down a suburban Atlanta street when he saw a black male beating a white woman and trying to force her into a car. Roberts turned around to see the car driving off with the predator behind the wheel and the woman fighting for her life in the passenger seat. Roberts continued to follow the car as the female continued to fight her abductor. The car swerved into the path of a cement truck. The resulting accident killed the woman, but the bastard who had carjacked and kidnapped her was unhurt. He jumped out of the car and ran .... Shaw Roberts was right behind him. The perp had a gun and pointed it at Roberts. Roberts had a gun and used it to blow the worthless POS away. Oh .. and by the way, the perp had raped and beaten a woman in the Atlanta the week before."

Why a "Hero"? Well, he couldn't save Kimberly Boyd but, Brian Clark won't be raping anymore people.

Here's the link-
Fatal carjacking was a nightmare in broad daylight

September 20, 2005

From Russia: Liberal mental illness?

Amazingly, this comes from Russia's Pravda!

Best Quote:
"In plain words: Liberals are lazy, not necessarily mentally ill."

More fun Quotes:
"Liberals in general are lazy. They do not try to answer world problems in a logical way but prefer to take the easy, emotional, way out. Their only answer to most problems these days is to get rid of President Bush. Ask them to come up with a plan to solve a problem like international terrorism and their eyes suddenly glaze into a John Kerry like blank stare."

Good stuff!

Here's the link-

August 30, 2005

Jürgen Trittin can kiss my shiny metal a$$!

The 'suffering opportunists scumbags'/morons are coming out of the wood-work:

Jürgen Trittin, a Green Party member, who takes space in the Frankfurter Rundschau, a paper owned by the Social Democrats, to bash US President George W. Bush's environmental laxity. He begins by likening the photos and videos of the hurricane stricken areas to scenes from a Roland Emmerich sci-fi film and insists that global warming and climate change are making it ever more likely that storms and floods will plague America and Europe. "There is only one possible route of action," he writes. "Greenhouse gases have to be radically reduced and it has to happen worldwide. Until now, the US has kept its eyes shut to this emergency. (Americans) make up a mere 4 percent of the population, but are responsible for close to a quarter of emissions." He adds that the average American is responsible for double as much carbon dioxide as the average European.

Here's the link:
Katrina Should be A Lesson To US on Global Warming

August 26, 2005

Wanna know what's going on in Iraq??

This is probably old news to alot of you but, I just stumbled on Michael Yon's blog and it is GREAT!

Michael Yon : Online Magazine

He is an "an independent, informed observer chronicling the monumentally important events in the efforts to stabilize Iraq.".

VERY good read!

Neal Boortz was in town yesterday....

...and I missed him.

I have to say that for the most part, I agree with him but, he does have two beliefs that are dead wrong:

Microsoft (Bill Gates) EARNED all it's money and shouldn't be penalized-

Truth: Microsoft (Bill Gates) earned SOME money then used illegal tactics to get the rest and harm competition.
Microsoft has:

  • a) Kept secret commands available in their products which allow their software to work better than non-M$ software. - Microsoft used its inside knowledge of the Windows kernel and undocumented API features to make Office perform better than its competitors. Eventually Microsoft Office became the dominant business suite, with market share far exceeding that of any of its competitors.
    FROM: Wikipedia

  • b) Made computer corporations sign agreements NOT TO distribute any other OSes. Luckily, this was taken to court and M$ had to stop the practice but, that's how Windoz 95 got it's dominance. - The United States of America, acting under the direction of the Attorney General of the United States, brings this civil action to prevent and restrain the defendant Microsoft Corporation ("Microsoft") from using exclusionary and anticompetitive contracts to market its personal computer operating system software. By these contracts, Microsoft has unlawfully maintained its monopoly of personal computer ("PC") operating systems and has unreasonably restrained trade.

  • c) Smoketoomuch said it best: "Microsoft has a policy to embrace open standards and then make proprietary changes to make it incompatible with the its competition. Remember all those pages Opera (a browser strictly adhering to standards) could not render? IE only web pages?"
    FROM: P2P-Zone

  • d) Bought up competiting companies in order to maintain a monoploy in certain areas. - NOW I know why Symantic bought Veritas. With M$ getting into ALL of the "peripheral" Windoze markets, those smaller companies will wither and die! Just the latest for M$ in anti-competitive behavior - leverage their OS co-mingling to destroy ALL tool/add-on vendors.

    ..and that's just the tip of the iceberg! Microsoft/Bill Gates is not something to be admired and left alone to enjoy the fruit of their good business judgements because they are criminals. Wake up on this one Neal.

    If you care, here's a good M$ website:

    The other disagreement I have with Neal happened last week. He told the story of an two neighbors that live in one of the far too common 'carpet bombed' (as I call them) new neighborhoods. You know the ones where the lots are 1/8 an acre and there's at maximum 10 feet between the houses. Anyway, it seems that one family liks to play basket-ball very late in the night and the other neighbor doesn't like the 'thump thump thump' of the ball dribblings. Neal astounded me when he said that the basket ball neighbor shouldn't be allowed to play at night! He argued that the other neighbor had a right to quiet. Well, I think one neighbor should be nice and keep it down but, to LEGALLY force someone is a different story. I think the bothered neighbor should have considered what she would have to put up with BEFORE buying a house that's PACKED 10 FEET AWAY FROM HER NEIGHBOR'S!!!!

    Welcome to FREE AMERICA where's it's going to be illegal for you to play basketball on your own property! Funny, we gave Iraqis freedom but we lose ours - I bet you won't be arrested for playing basketball on your property in Iraq!

    Neal, you're a good guy but, so far you've been wrong on these points.

    If you don't listen to Neal, here's his website and check out his "Nealz Nuze":
  • Lance Armstrong is being shafted!

    First off, let me tell you I am not a fan of Lance Armstrong. I think all the BS about "he's such an inspiration because he fought his cancer" is crap.

    When Lance was diagnosed with cancer, he had two choices...
          1) Do nothing about it and die
          2) Go through the treatments and have a chance of surviving it.
    Um, the decision is really a no-brainer. This crap about his courage and valiant fight is bunk! He chose the the the natural choice and got lucky. Other than not locking himself away and crying about cancer, which most of us wouldn't do, there's nothing heroic about his fight. To be heroic, he would have had to sacrifice.

    I'm glad he beat cancer but, he deserves no worship for it.

    Now, let's get to how he's being shafted. In all the media is reports that Lance used drugs during is FIRST 'Tour of France' win (six wins ago). Lance denies it but, everyone (especially the French) are still slinging the mud.

    What kills me is, Lance has been drug tested for every one of the last few races (at minimum) and one every single of one of the certifiably clean. He has one SEVEN races in a row and people are bashing him over the POSSIBLE drug use of the first, SEVEN YEARS AGO! I think he has proven beyond a doubt that he is quite capable of winning the 'Tour of France' race without drugs. Why is ANYONE doubting him on the first?

    Let's play devils advocate for a moment. IF he had used drugs on the first race (seven years ago), who cares!?!? He's won six more certifiably clean!

    I don't believe he has cheated on any of them. This looks more of a case of poor sportsmanship than anything else.

    AND, He's still no hero for beating cancer, he's just lucky.

    Illegals try and kill border patrol agents.

    More peaceful actions by those poor suffering immigrants "who just want a better life"...

    Illegals tried to kill two US border agents by throwing rocks at their helicopter rotors. A rock hit and the rotor was damaged causing an emergency landing.

    Here's the links-
  • Rocks Thrown at Border Patrol Chopper
  • U.S. border patrol helicopter downed by illegals
  • Illegal Alien Brings Down Border Patrol Chopper with Rock
  • More Articles
  • August 22, 2005

    Psychopaths are everywhere!

    I have never thought about this but, this explains A LOT!

    Is Your Boss a Psychopath?

    Let me shorten it for you...

    Psychopaths lack empathy (feeling for others)... They can be violent or non-violent. It seems that the non-violent type are the ones who slime their way up the corporate (and governmental) ladder.

    Connect the dots. Note my previous post and think about the leaders of all the great Communist/Socialist governments that has ever existed.

    Communists, Socialists, Liberals, Democrats are all morons...

    Let me let you in on one of my sayings:

    Communists, Socialists, Liberals, Democrats or All of the above are:

    1) Stupid
    2) Evil
    3) Stupid and Evil.

    Why is that? Because they are the first to decry how other groups (especially Big Corporations) infringing on their rights and their solution is to make Big Government.

    I continually get into argument with these idiots and they complain that big corporations (and greedy rich people) are causing all the suffering for everyone else. What they can't get into their head (or they want to hide (hence the "evil" part)) is that the same greedy scumbags that slime their way to the top of the corporate ladder (and to the top of the wealth pile) would be the same scum bags that slither to the top of their Utopia Government (except in the government positions, they would have all the guns).

    I don't know about you but, I'd rather have the scumbags in corporations (without guns).

    The CSLDs are the first ones to yell about keeping my morality off of them yet, they FULLY support laws that inflict their morality on me (i.e. welfare).

    Gas prices...

    I'm tired of hearing the "This isn't REALLY the highest gas has ever been. Back in 1980, it was more expensive" crap. I was a young driver in 1980 with only a part time job and guess what, gas wasn't so painful on my budget then! I don't care what the egg-heads say about adjusted for inflation! From real life, experience, it's more expensive now!

    I know the main reason that gas is so expensive it that we have fed the huge populations of China and India with money (by moving all manufacturing and off shoring jobs there) and now they are buying more cars and more oil. They're governments are also stockpiling oil (just as every other country does).

    That's the main reason gas is so expensive now. All those $30 DVD players we have bought from China hasn't only cost us American manufacturing jobs but is now biting us our wallets via oil prices.

    Don't get me wrong, the oil companies are doing thier part to gouge us also. They are raking in the profits while standing there, trying to look innocent and whistling at the sky. Their profits (and executive bonuses) are at record levels which means they aren't working very hard to ease the pain of us Americans.

    Gas companies (and retailers) have it good. Even though there are several companies, there's no competition. They can demand any price they want and will eventually get it because, gas is a necessity in the US.

    The worst part is the ratchet effect. The news will announce that oil prices have gone up and EVEN BEFORE that oil is bought and processed, local prices shoot up. The excuse I have heard is that the local guys have to jack to price up to pay for the next load. Sorry, I don't buy that 100%. That may be a minor excuse but, the prices never comedown as fast or by as much as they go up.

    The retailers will jack the price up 30¢ in a week and drop it by 12¢ in two weeks and we are happy that it at least came down by 12¢!

    We are getting shafted and we are allowing it to happen to ourselves.

    August 16, 2005

    Bush (and the Republicans) are IDIOTS (or scumbags)

    IGNORING the sell-out of the American people by the Republican controlled government via the latest pork-fest (transportation bill), G.W. and the rest of the GOP gang has screwed us again in the form of CAFTA.

    CAFTA is proof that Bush (and gang) are at minimum, idiots and at worst, scumbags willing to sell out Americans for political gain.

    NAFTA has been a disaster that has provided the bulk of the US with no benefits while killing more American jobs. Now, CAFTA adds to the misery.

    For the gory details:
    Free trade idols: NAFTA, CAFTA, FTAA

    No WMDs found in Iraq.... NOT!

    BAGHDAD — Al Qaida has deployed bombs laced with toxins in an attempt to increase the lethality of attacks in Iraq, coalition military sources said.

    On Aug. 9, the U.S.-led coalition found a suspected chemicals factory in Mosul with 1,500 gallons of chemicals.

    The "Bush Lied" crowd are a bunch of:
            a) Idiots
            b) Evil Liars
            c) All of the above

    Pick one.

    August 10, 2005

    Illegal Immigrants... again

    Everyone heard about that bogus $41BILLON dollar figure to get rid of all the illegals in the US that some organization-with-an-adgenda put out. And we all hear about how we could NEVER keep them all out... Well, I've improved on my sure-fire solution!

    To get rid of the bulk-
    1) We started ENFORCING the laws prohibiting employers from hiring illegals. We should make it a mandatory $5000/illegal fine WITH, a $1000 'bounty' it going to the whistle-blower. This would (in the near future) fill the governmant coffers with fine money and the 'bounty' would give incentive for reports.

    2) Stop issuing licenses, voter registrations (oh yes, there's ALOT of those), and any sort of public assistance to illegals. THEY ARE BREAKING THE LAW! THEY ARE DOING MORE DAMAGE THAN AN ONLINE COPYRIGHT VIOLATOR (of course, there seems to be unlimited enforcement resources to stop the file trader).

    To get rid of the criminal element-
    3) Tie immigration, social security, and all other databases together. If you're worried about abuse, remember, those seperate databases are just as easy to abuse now.

    The first two solutions could be implemented with virtually no government money expenditure! The first would actually make money and the second would save money!

    And one other thought... How is it that local police can't enforce the federal immigration laws (because they are federal laws) yet have no problem enforcing the Federal drug laws?

    Gas price madness...

    Today, oil hit a new high ($65 per barrel) and local prices are around $2.50 per gallon yet all I hear is about the evil gas companies....

    People, the price of gas would come down if any (or all) of the following would happen:

    1) Lower the taxes on the gas! The Feds have an 19¢ tax on gas and all the states add their taxes on top of that! Several have 30+¢ not including several additional fees/taxes that some states have added: (e.g. Plus 1.1¢ fee on gasoline going into USTs. Includes 18¢ oil company franchise tax on liquid fuels (primarily gasoline) and 23¢ oil company franchise tax on fuels (primarily diesel) and a 12¢ tax liquid fuels tax rate. (Oil company franchise tax rate increased from 14.2¢ to 18¢ for gasoline and from 19.2¢ to 23¢ for diesel on 1/1/05.) Franchise tax based on the average wholesale price of gasoline during a 1-year period.)

    2) End the 40+ blend requirement and require only a FEW blends.

    3) Stop allowing oil companies to merge and be sold off to foreign interests. - as a matter of fact, break a few up and make a bit more competition.

    4) Start pumping oil from our own untapped fields.

    Wake up and start demanding that the politicians do something other than blame the oil companies!

    June 08, 2005


    FROM:Civil disobedience
    Some protests do libertarian cause more harm than good.

      Libertarian Mike Fisher of Newmarket... ...was arrested last month for performing a manicure without a license in front of the state office that licenses manicurists


      Libertarian Russell Kanning of Keene... ...was willing to publicly admit that he hasn't paid income taxes since 1998 and drives without a license because getting one is a nuisance."

    4th Amendment?, we don't need no stinkin 4th Amendment!

    The un-constitutional Patriot Act is again being 'enhanced'.

      The FBI would get expanded powers to subpoena records without the approval of a judge or grand jury in terrorism investigations under Patriot Act revisions approved Tuesday by the Senate Intelligence Committee. - AP

    I feel safer already -he says speaking into the hidden microphone

    As always, here's the links-

    Senate Gives FBI More Patriot Act Power




    Copyright insanity of home photos

    Wendy Seltzer has blogged over on some stories of copyright insanity. Apparently, people have reported that Kodak's Ofoto and Wally-world is refusing to allow people to access their own photographs because "they look like a professional took the picture" fearing that people are infringing on copyrights.

    Here's the link:

    A Photofinish for Copyright's Unintended Consequences

    May 25, 2005

    Law Enforcement for profit

    So last November, I was on my way to work (the day before Thanksgiving). I was driving on Mopac (a highway here), under the speed limit in the open left lane. I came upon a pack of cars in the middle and right lane and was about to pass them when the last car (a little mustang) in the middle lane cuts in front of me just as I catch up. I almost nailed him because he cut so close! Anyway, I hit the cluch and slow downed and started to develop room between him and me when he realizes WHY THE PACK HAD FORMED.... There was a cop driving WAY BELOW the speed limint causing the pack with a bunch of panty-waists fearing to pass him! The mustang realizes that there's a cop and hits the brakes (for I don't know what reason since we were BELOW the speed limit) and I get close again.

    So to make this a shorter story, the cop pulls ME and GIVES ME THE TICKET for following too close - non-collision. When I explain to him what happened, he said that he didn't care! It was obvious that he wanted his quota (which everyone knows doesn't exist).

    Texas has you come in about a month after a violation where they play "Let's Make a Deal". The prosecutor offers a Reduced Fine + Court Cost + Driving Class IF you plead guilty. If not, they threaten to try and get the maximum penality (for making them go to court). I told the prosecutor that that was a bad ticket and I wanted it dismissed right there and he told me that he couldn't and that if we had to go to court, he'd have to go for the full penality. I said, let's go to court!

    After that, the judge explained that I had two options, a trial by judge or a trial by jury. He was nice enough to explain that a trial by jury could extend several days (if your case wasn't called immediately) and that I'd have to miss work and pay my attorney for each day. Obviously, the trial by judge was the better option so I chose that.

    Well, I hired a lawyer and he explained the "trial by judge scam":

      1) Apparently, jury trials CAN take several days but, it rarely happens
      2) Juries tend to side with the defendants whereas judges tend to side with the cops!
      3) In a jury trial 6 people judge you and if 1 finds you not-guilty, you're not guilty! In a judge trial, you are judged by one person (the guy who usually sides with the cop)

    So, the Austin Judicial system snookered me!

    My lawyer changed the trial to a jury trial and we had it yesterday....

    Here's why I'm ticked- I went to court, and was the second person which the prosecutor dismissed charges against!

    Why am I unhappy about that??? BECAUSE, it was the same prosecutor that played "Let's Make a Deal" with me and wouldn't drop the charge earlier!    I wanted to scream at him- "What new evidence did you find that now tells you that it was a bad ticket that you didn't have when we first met!?!?!

    So, due to the system trying to pressure me into paying-up, I am out $150 for the lawyer, $14 for parking and TWO vacation days from work when they KNEW I wasn't guilty!!!!

    The whole system is not about justice, it's about making people criminals for money! This law enforcement for profit has me STEAMED!!!

    May 02, 2005

    Very confused people - Libertarian Communists

    "The libcom group is a small collective of libertarian communists based in and around London"

    Libertarians believe in personal freedom and minimal government whereas Communists believe in the restriction of personal freedoms and the increase of government control for the benefit of a group. (of course, the group that ends up benefiting in Communist organizations are always the leaders and their families.)

    April 27, 2005

    The tolerant, anti-hate people are being intolerant and vitrolic.... AGAIN!

    It seems that the people whom look down their noses at others the most and are always admonishing others for being intolerant and hateful are, of course, showing their true colors again...

    The very liberal Randi Rhodes aired this clip on her Air America show:
      "A spoiled child [insinuating President Bush] is telling us our Social Security isn't safe anymore, so he is going to fix it for us. Well, here's your answer you ungrateful whelp." Four audio clips of gunshots were then broadcast, followed by the warning, "Just try it, you little bastard," and the sound of a gun being cocked.

    I find it funny that the people most vocal about hate are usually the ones most full of it...

    April 26, 2005

    Illegal Immigration - The Solution...

    On the radio this morning, the subject of illegals came up and of course, the normal "there's no way to stop them" was said, along with "there's too many to round up". These statements are 100% wrong and lies.

    Illegals come to the US for one thing - money (in some form or another). The way to stop them is to eradicate the incentive for them to come.

    Then comes the question of: How do you eradicate the incentive? - EASY!

    The entire US is covered by laws that makes it illegal for companies and individuals from hiring illegals. The problem is, no one is enforcing them! The government could make a BUNDLE of money if they would just start fining businesses (and individuals) which do not check their employees immigration status and hires illegals.

    If businesses (and individuals) were to start getting caught and fined, you'd see the illegals problem go away!

    April 22, 2005

    The "Tolerance" and "No-Hate" people are again showing their intolerance and hatred

    Even before Pope Benedict XVI is fully installed as the Pope, various liberals have already started to label him and exclaim his 'wrongness' for the job.

    The same people, who believe they are morally superior to everyone, that are always preaching that people should not pre-judge, be intolerant and/or have hatred, are the exact people showing their prejudice, non-tolerance and hate.

    Please note a typical media trick- instead of saying the truth that Benedict XVI was forced into Hitler's Youth Brown Shirts (at age 14) and he soon quit, they will say something like "Some have questioned whether the new pope betrayed any pro-Nazi sentiment during his teenage years in Germany during World War II." which equates him to the Nazis without reflecting his true hatred of them.

    BTW, the above nazi quote comes from:
    Pope Benedict XVI gets mixed reviews locally - By PORSCHA RADFORD and the Associated Press -

    Here's the links-

    Commentary: Benedict abused as 'nazi pope'-

    German paper outraged at British coverage of 'Nazi' pope-

    Germans, Brits spar over pope-,0,7449705,print.story?coll=ny-top-headlines

    US Border Agents catch Brazilians - Big Whoop!

    KGRVTV reports: "Border busts yield 147 illegal Brazilians"

    The summary: "In just three hours, authorities arrested 147 Brazilians across Hidalgo County. Five different groups of Brazilian immigrants were caught"

    Proudly they added: "... but it shows the success they are having as they secure the borders." - which is really not anything to be proud of because the Brazilians were probably the only ones in Hidalgo County not speaking spanish so they shouldn't have been hard to find!

    Accuweather - a scumbag corporation

    Accuweather, a for-pay weather company, has 'convinced' (given nearly $4,000 from AccuWeather's founder and executive vice president since 2000 to) Senator Rick Santorum (R-Pennsylvania) to introduce a bill which will ban the National Weather Service from 'competing' (publishing free weather data that has already been paid for by the taxpayer).

    The US people pay taxes for NOAA to collect weather data. It is a crime for them not to pass on the data (that the US people have paid for) to the US people for free!

    This is another example of who the Republicans are in bed with business and could care less about right & wrong or the American people.

    Here's the links-

    Senator aiming to nix federal weather forecasts enjoyed AccuWeather money-

    Everyone Talks About the Weather, And This Senator Plans to do Something About It-

    Feds' weather information could go dark-

    Santorum to Silence NOAA Weather Information-

    April 19, 2005

    How to kill a country ...

    Let's first ensure that you, the reader, has a grasp on the concept of wealth-

    Wealth is a very broad term that encompass all things valuable (money, stocks, houses, shoes). If it has value, it is wealth. That being said, let's start the lesson...

    There are only two ways to acquire wealth - earn it or make it. The service industries EARN wealth and the manufacturing industries MAKE wealth. There is no other way to acquire it. By the way, investments fall into the service industry category.

    Let me give you an example: Let's say you have two islands. On island 'A' there are rocks and caves and nothing else except enough plants to keep the natives alive. On island 'B', there are trees and plenty of plants. Island 'A's people can manufacture nothing and therefore gain no wealth. Island 'B's people make boats, furniture, hair combs, candles and etcetera thus as island 'B' makes more products, they gain wealth (even though there is no money). A man on island 'B' with a boat is wealthier than a man on island 'A' with nothing. The only way that island 'A's people can gain wealth is to provide services (labor) to island 'B's people (manufacturing).

    How to kill a country-

    The very best way to kill a country is to kill the manufacturing of that country. The Republicrats and the Demlicans have been doing this very effectively since the 1960s. They have choked off American manufacturing by making laws that unfairly gives foreign manufacturing an edge.

    China is a prime example, US manufacturers have been almost completely wiped out because of environmental laws, workers laws, and taxes where as Chinese manufacturers have almost none of these restraints AND the benefit of almost slave labor. The US government then further hurts the US manufacturers by giving China most favored trading status and removing virtually all tariffs! There's NO WAY American manufacturing can compete because the US government has made the playing field so lop-sided in China's favor!

    Let's clarify that enviromental and worker laws are not bad things. What is bad is when country 'A' has to follow them and country 'B' does not (and the government of country 'A' gives country 'B' virtually tariff free trade)!

    The Free-Trade agreements, which were sold to the American people as a guaranteed market for US goods, have horribly back-fired. They have cause more foreign made products to flood the US and have choked off US manufacturing even more by allowing jobs and industries to flee across the border.

    The US people don't seem to mind killing themselves as long as they can buy a cheap-DVD players for $30...

    What fools these mortals be

    March 02, 2005

    China charges U.S. monopolizes the Internet, seeks global control

    So China is pissed that the country that paid the research money and invented the internet still has a good deal of control over it????

    Hey China, disconnect from the American internet and start your own! It will make controlling content (and people) much easier!

    I also invite any other countries that doesn't like the US control to disconnect and start their own internet.

    Queen Dubs Bill Gates Honorary British Knight

    So on one hand the EU determines that Microsoft has been using monopolitstic practices to unfairly hurt competition and on the other hand, we have Britian giving him knighthood! The only thing I can think of is that Billy G. must have paid someone dearly for that honor.

    I used to think knighthood was something special to honor good deeds and achievements, but why is Bill of Borg being honored? Well, "...had been awarded in recognition of his contributions to both business and charity" is the answer! I REALLY relish the "contributions to business" line, that's funny! The only contributions to business that Billy G. has done is to work hard at killing off competiton.

    The charity thing? A smokescreen for a truely evil person.

    Hidden History and Self-Destructive Southerners

    Here is an excellent piece which exposes the efforts to re-write American history and eradicate Southern culture. Here's an excerpt:
      I am well aware of the concerted effort to erase Southern culture from the nation's collective consciousness. I have written numerous articles addressing this social cancer, and every time I do I inevitably hear from people who have the audacity to call me an extremist. "The Civil War is over," they say. "The South lost. Get over it!"

    For those public-school-educated people who truely believe that the Civil War was fought over slavery, let me point out the proven fact that history is written by the victor.

    Mexico Vows to Fight Migrant Patrol Project in U.S.

    MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Mexico will pursue legal action against plans by a U.S. citizens' group to patrol the U.S.-Mexican border in search of illegal immigrants, the country's foreign minister said on Monday.

    Luis Ernesto Derbez said he asked lawyers in Los Angeles to draw up a legal strategy to fight the Arizona-based initiative called "the MinuteMan Project" that has signed up hundreds of volunteers for border patrols.

    "We are going to attack by all legal means," Derbez told a news conference. "We are presenting the reasons why we consider this action to be incorrect and illegal from the point of view not only of our government but also under U.S. law."

    So let me get this right, Mexico is going to use the American legal system to prevent American citizens from watching for illegals crossing the border. Well, since it's the 9th Circuit Court being used, we Americans will probably get shafted.

    March 01, 2005

    Myths of illegal immigration...

    ...studies claiming some modest overall gain for the economy from immigration ($1 to $10 billion a year) have found that it is outweighed by the fiscal cost ($15 to $20 billion a year) to native taxpayers." -

    Myth 1: Illegals take jobs American won't because Americans are too lazy.
    Truth: Illegals artifically force down pay by taking a job for less money. We live in a capitalist society where supply and demand control price. Americans will take any job if the pay is high enough. Illegals will take the job at a much lower pay and therefor allows employers to offer less pay for a given job. This is the exact same practice as dumping which is illegal.

    Myth 2: Illegals contribute more to the American economy than they take.
    Truth: Illegals cost the US far more money than they contribute. Follow these links:

    Anti-gun activist arrested after firearm found at home

    Why is it the anti-gun people are ALWAYS anti-gun for everyone else but themselves???

    The jist of this story is-

    This is the woman ( Annette "Flirty" Stevens) who was the founder of the Million Mom March. She has ties to various gang members and had her house searched because of a drive-by shooting investigation and aforementioned ties. The police found a pistol with the serial number eradicated and she admitted to having it. Her excuse was that it was her son's and when he died, she didn't know what to do with it so she kept it.

    I call BS on that excuse because even the dumbest person knows that they can turn a gun into the police for disposal. Now, if you come back with the excuse "what if she was afraid to be arrested because it was used in a crime?", all I can say is don't be stupid. If it was her son's, he's dead and they can't charge him with a crime.

    She is just the typical 'no guns for anyone (except me)' anti-gun person.

    February 25, 2005

    “California is going to be a Hispanic state, and anyone who doesn’t like it should leave."

    “California is going to be a Hispanic state, and anyone who doesn’t like it should leave. They should go back to Europe” - Mario Obledo, Co-founder of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF)

    Where do we start with this one???

    I suggest that we all use this website:

    February 17, 2005

    Our favorite Monopolist knows exactly how it works...

    Here's what Bill Gates told Microsoft employees in 1991:
    "If people had understood how patents would be granted when most of today's ideas were invented and had taken out patents, the industry would be at a complete standstill today...A future start-up with no patents of its own will be forced to pay whatever price the giants choose to impose."

    Apparently, he had a clear game plan.

    Bill Gates And Other Communists

    We are truely no longer free - A pet ordinance

    A local 'city' (used loosely) has decided to make an ordinance limiting the number of pets that someone can own to 4.

    Who in the hell do they think they are!?!? I personally have 4 cats and a dog. They are all fixed, all have current shots, all are well maintained. Who in the hell does the government think they are to pass a law saying that I can only have 4 pets!?!?!

    If the problem is pet welfare, there's already cruelity laws on the books to take care of that!

    This is just wrong!

    Red Light Cameras - How is this happening!?!

    Today, I was listening to the radio and the subject of Red Light Cameras (RLC as they are known in the business) came up.

    What I would like to know is: Why are we tolerating these?"

    The facts are that even though they reduce the running of red lights (usually in the 90% range), they INCREASE the number of rear end accidents! On the radio this morning, the pro-RLC person made the argument that an increase in rear-end accidents of ~2% is a small price to pay for the ~90% reduction in running red lights. Sounds good, eh? Well, I did some investigating and found that on average, the number of accidents at RLC intersections actually went up after the RLC was installed.

    Now, you will ask: "How can it be that accidents wents up when there was a 90% reduction in red light violations and only a 2% increase in rear-end accidents?!?" Well, the answer is simple! The majority of red light violations do not cause an accident! The pro-RLC people are comparing apples to oranges!

    The fact of the matter is that governments are installing RLCs under the guise of increasing safety but are infact causing a more unsafe condition. Their true motive is money.

    I urge every person who have been involved in an RLC caused accident to sue: 1) the RLC's owner (usually Lockheed-Martin) and 2) the local government who installed it.

    The other thing that bothers me about this money grab scheme is the legality! They ticket the registered owner of the vehicle and not the actual driver. Also, usually these tickets are non-contestible!

    This is just wrong!

    February 01, 2005

    NIH study: Risk-taking diminishes at age 25

    The Summary: "A National Institutes of Health study suggests that the region of the brain that inhibits risky behavior is not fully formed until age 25"

    This is interesting along with an article I saw a few years ago that said that: The reasoning portion of the human brain doesn't fully develop until age 16.

    Now, you may ask, why is this significant? Well, people nowadays have a problem raising children. Too often they think of their kids not as children (with the associated brain development) but and miniture adults that are perfectly capable of making the right decisions based on reason. The brain development studies should show that, children are, in fact, incapable of making clear, reasonable decisions and should be treated as, well, children.

    Here's a good article on the subject:
    What were they thinking? Youths' brains seen as factor in fatalities

    January 26, 2005

    Economist: China Loses Faith in Dollar

    Summary: "The U.S. dollar is no longer -- in our opinion is no longer -- (seen) as a stable currency, and is devaluating all the time, and that's putting troubles all the time"

    And this is the result of the US going to a European Banking system which the founding fathers opposed and warned us against.

    Think about it this way: without our money being set to a standard, it will ALWAYS lose value. Therefore, if you SAVE your money (like you are supposed to do) you will lose money. This forces people to invest their money (which is risky) just to beat inflation. Enron employees can tell you what can happen when you risk your retirement in investments.

    The US needs to get back on a money standard!

    From the "Keep It Simple Stupid" department

    Mobile virus infects Lexus cars

    Summary: Some Lexus cars catch a computer virus through their fancy bluetooth wireless connection which hoses the car.

    THIS is the exact reason why computers should be kept out of cars! Wait until someone gets killed because a car computer caught a timed virus and the accelerator goes to the floor in rush hour traffic.

    Cars should be made simple to avoid this (and cut repair costs in half). Car manufacturers are making cars too complex and everyone pays the price in repair costs. It takes a good amount of a mechanic's time to remove all those dumb plastic beauty covers in the engine compartment which jacks up your repair bill!

    January 25, 2005

    Turner takes a stand - Maverick mogul blasts big business congloms

    GREAT! Ted Turner is now upset about media conglomeration! Funny, when Time-Warner offered him money for his empire, he wasn't too worried about it then.

    Ted, we all know that if it was YOUR empire that was the media conglomerate you would find everything just peachy. Please shut up and go away.

    Gates gives $750 million for immunization

    So first Gates (& Co.) use predatory monopolizing techniques to destroy (or buy out) competition (and still does BTW). Then they rip us all off with upgrades and generally screw people. They buy their way out of a monopoly ruling with the Bush administration by sliding the Repubs some get-out-of-jail money and we are all now supposed to think better of Billy G because the $30 billionaire gives away a measily $750 million (which is all a big tax write-off).

    What a scum bag. It was probably Melinda making him do it anyway.

    Russia's nationalists call for ban on Jewish groups

    Um, tell me again how Europeans are so progressive and open minded.....

    The Minuteman Project

    Here's a group that I heard about this morning... Their hope is "to bring serious media and political attention to this [ illegal alien problem]" by spotting and reporting to Border Patrol the illegal aliens in a 20-mile stretch of lowlands across the San Pedro Valley in Arizona.

    I fear that Border Patrol will ignore most of their calls and one of them will get hurt by the illegals. Then the media will do a dog-and-pony show about how these guys were dumb and wrong.

    I wish them luck.

    January 18, 2005

    Europeans just don't get it.

    From (Monday, January 17, 2005)-

    "EU considers Nazi symbols ban"

    The Nazis used laws and the power of the government to control the German people's thought's and actions. The EU is doing the same thing when it makes laws like this.

    Wake up Europe. Decide your own life and don't let the government legislate how you think.