July 18, 2007

Liberals Lose Logic.

The left's arguments are 99.99% always emotion based and not logic/reality based.

Here's an example:

Emotion is what wins arguments, and there is a tremendous amount of emotion among those fighting to reduce gun violence -- there always is when someone gets hurt or must go through the tragedies that we experience in this country as a result of gun violence.


That is important emotion, and it will do more for the argument for stronger gun laws than any facts or figures ever will.


We have to show legislators the human side of this issue, too, and force them to base their own decisions and policies off of that emotion...

An excerpt from Emory University Professor of Psychology Drew Westen's book The Political Brain: The Role of Emotion in Deciding the Fate of the Nation.

Hat Tip to: http://smallestminority.blogspot.com

Who Wins From Lawsuit Abuse? Hint: It's Not You or Me.

Steve Hantler over at Overlawyered says it best:

The fact is, tort costs in the U.S. jumped 46% in just the pasts five years. As noted in this space yesterday, a new study by the Pacific Research Institute reports that the total direct and indirect costs of lawsuits are a staggering $865 billion (for context, the U.S. spends only about $108 billion a year fighting the war in Iraq).

You and I pay for these abusive lawsuits through higher consumer costs, higher taxes, lost jobs and stifled innovation. And the trial lawyers? With apologies to Mark Twain, rumors of their deaths have been greatly exaggerated. They are alive and well…just ask the Little League coach, the perfume wearer or the Cheerleading captain. I wonder who will be next?

THE ARTICLE: http://www.overlawyered.com

Government Wants A 20,000% Raise In Cigar Tax!

The Senate Finance Committee is currently considering a bill that would result in a huge increase in the federal tax on cigars. Currently, the federal tax on cigars is at $0.05. The proposed bill could increase that to as much as $10.00, a 20,000% increase.

The bill is seeking to add $35 billion in funds to the State Children's Health Insurance Program, which helps uninsured children get the healthcare they need. The Senate Plan is to fund the increase in children's healthcare funds by increasing taxes on tobacco products.

TRANSLATION: The bill is seeking to add $35 billion in funds to the general fund, which helps politicians get elected by buying votes and paying off friends they need. The Senate Plan is to fund the increase in general funds by increasing taxes on tobacco products.

THE ARTICLE: http://www.clevelandleader.com

Americans Call On Congress To Investigate Bush - Immigartion

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) is calling for a formal congressional investigation into the non-enforcement and under enforcement of America's popularly supported and existing immigration laws.

MORE: http://www.alipac.us

Gun Buy-Back Successfully Removes An 1851 Black Powder Revolver From Our Streets

Ahab over at What would John Wayne do? explains it best:

Assholes destroy antique revolver. Pretty much your standard fare for a gun buyback program, actually. If you look at the picture, the "antique" revolver looks like a brass frame (not gold plated) '51 Navy Colt.

To look at the flipside of the coin, suppose for a moment that the revolver wasn't an antique. That means that they were successful in remove a blackpowder, muzzleloading revolver "from the streets". Now, I don't have any statistics handy on use of '51 Colts in crime, but I'm guessing that they haven't been the "gun of choice" for criminals since about 1870 or so. Just guessing, though.

gun buybacks don't actually do anything. The article mentions that each gun was checked by federal authorities to see if it was used in a crime. Do you think that some gangbanger is going to swing on by and drop his Lorcin off into the hands of the waiting fuzz so they can link the gun to him? Of course not. He's going to toss that gun into the river, or give it to one of his friends, etc.

...16 WHOLE GUNS. Good job there, guys. Way to make us safer by destroying Grandpa's old 12 Gauge side by side duck gun. Assholes.

FULL ARTICLE: churchoftheduke.blogspot.com

Federal gun registry has not improved public safety despite costing taxpayers more than $2 billion

Canada's homicide rate and number of gang-related murders has increased since the federal government's firearms registry and licensing program was implemented, an indication that the program has failed to improve public safety, according to Hubris in the North, The Canadian Firearms Registry, a new report from independent research organization The Fraser Institute.

MORE: www.cnw.ca

July 12, 2007

Antigun leader commits a gun-felony and gets away with it.

David Hardy at "Of Arms & The Law" explained it best:

John Rosenthal, of Stop Handgun Violence and American Hunters and Shooters Association, went on a radio show to discuss his latest anti-NRA billboard, and in the process explained how he'd made a straw man purchase at an out of state gun show, after licensed dealers refuse to sell to him.

Not that he'd have to worry about prosecution, of course. Which is why he felt free to confess to a federal felony over the radio. Oh, and the Boston Globe paid for the buy.


     Of Arms & The Law

     Gun Owners' Action League

Florida man owes $10,000 for child who's not his

He says he knew nothing about the other girl until paperwork showed up about four years ago saying he was the father.

He now has DNA results that show the 15-year-old girl wasn't fathered by him. He even has an affidavit from the girl's mother -- a former girlfriend from 1990 -- saying he's "not the father" and asking that Rodriguez no longer be required to pay child support.

Yet the state of Florida is continuing to push him to pay $305 a month to support the girl, as well as the more than $10,000 already owed. He spent a night in jail because of his delinquent payments.

MORE: www.cnn.com