January 21, 2008

75yr Old Woman Arrested For Slowing Down A Hungry Cop

Clear Water, Florida-
"The 75-year-old grandmother of eight [Jean Merola] was arrested for disorderly conduct after she refused a police officer's orders to move her car while she waited for the coffee and fries she ordered at the drive-through window."

Merola had pulled her Lincoln Town Car to an area where drive-up customers are directed if their orders will take some time. She ordered her fries without salt.

While waiting, a Clearwater police officer [Officer Matthew Parco] pulled up behind her and started honking his horn, she said. He was also waving his arms, apparently signaling for her to move her car, she said.

It was not immediately clear why the officer [Matthew Parco] was at the McDonald's.

Merola said Clearwater Mayor Frank Hibbard called her Saturday morning to offer an apology. "He says, "I am so sorry Mrs. Merola, this should never have happened."

Neither Hibbard nor Clearwater police were immediately available to comment.