August 15, 2006

Immigration Field Hearings Are Lip Service, Imagine That!

" This committee literally dodged the illegal worker problem and will go back to Washington with all the data they have accumulated about border security from these Field Hearings and nothing about illegal workers will be brought forward. I believe that the illegal workers issue has already been decided. These Field Hearings are just a facade, because most of what was brought forward is available in government reports."

Here's the link: Bogus Immigration Field Hearings?

Butler County Ohio Sheriff's Office Does The Right Thing!

From the press release:
"Sheriff Jones has assigned personnel within the Sheriff’s Office Fugitive Division to oversee illegal undocumented alien information and investigations.

  • Their first priority is to seek out and arrest those individuals who have been classified as “Criminal Aliens” (those that have been convicted of certain crimes while here illegally).
  • Their second priority is to assist area Businesses in helping them achieve compliance with Federal Immigration Laws.
  • Their third priority would be to assist in the investigation and prosecution of area businesses and employers who chose to ignore the law.
  • Finally the Unit’s fourth priority would be to work with Federal Agents in the due process of individuals found to be here illegally."

    Here's the link: SO Responding to Complaints on Hiring of Illegals 05-11-2006
  • August 10, 2006

    A Small Immigration Win...

    New York's Department of Motor Vehicles can require immigrants to prove they are in this country legally before allowing them to have driver's licenses, a state appeals court ruled.

    Here's the whole AP story-

    National ID card (REAL ID) almost a reality!

    The REAL ID is far from dead, New hampshire seems to be the hold-out. Now they are debating on whether to take the Federal Government's money bribe and conform. Let's hope they don't!

    It is such an unpopular idea that the law that created it was snuck into a funding bill to fund troops fighting in Afghanistan!


    Article V Amendment Convention - Congress breaking the law AGAIN???

    Yep, it seems that the US Government is again violating the Constitution! All 50 states have submitted the necessary call for a second Constitutional Convention (you know, the thing where the PEOPLE call for Constitutional amendments) but Congress is not allowing it to happen.

    It seems that Congress wants to be the sole controller of the Constitution (in violation of the law).

    Anyway, there's a lawsuit going on in our favorite court (the 9th circuit court), to force Congress to follow the Constitution.

    Here's the websites:
  • August 09, 2006

    Personal-Injury lawyers - parasites!

    John Stossel hits the nail on the head again!

    Imagine if an evil business routinely deprived us of products that would help us live longer with less pain and more comfort. We'd be outraged, and lawyers would line up to sue. Yet something similar happens today, thanks to lawsuit abuse. Makers of all kinds of products are afraid to sell them to us because one lawsuit could ruin them.

    Personal-injury lawyers claim they make America safer, but that's a myth. It's easy to see who benefits from those big damage awards we read about. Less obvious -- but just as real -- are the things we'd all like to have but never will get because of this climate of fear. Here are a few examples.

    He goes on with really good examples...

    FROM: Lawsuits Make Us Less Safe

    Stir up hate in Europe, then get saved by Europe

    This is somewhat old but, it's too good to pass up....

    What prominent muslim figure, who was very critical of his government and responsible for much rioting, got his butt saved by said government via evacuation from war torn Lebanon? Why that would be Ahmed Akkari, the infamous Danish Imam, who was amongst those evacuated from Lebanon this past week.

    Akkari, apparently vacationing in the very country from which he ostensibly fled, was evacuated along with 5,000 other Danes by the Danish government via the same embassy that was torched by rioting muslims protesting the prophet Mohammed cartoons earlier in the year.

    Akkari, pictured above, is seen scurrying up a ramp past the Danish flag as he boards the evacuating vessel.