January 14, 2008

Ann Coulter Must Be Right...

Van Helsing over at Moonbattery has posted a piece about the death of Ann Coulter's father and how all the "open-minded peace-lovers" have posted many nasty things about Ann and especially her dead father (which they did not know personally).

This got me to thinking- the left, who are the ones forever condeming people for hate and having closed-minds, are the most vocal and vitrolic about Ann Coulter.

I frequent many online sites where you can post comments (Slashdot, Digg, Fark,& etcetera) and one thing I can count on is that when Ann Coulter is mentioned, the thread will quickly turn into a hate fest against her. People will go on about how they wished she would be raped, killed and any other nasty situation that they can dream about.

Here's the gist of this whole post: If you read their posts, you will find that the reason that liberals hate her with such intensity is because.... (Drum roll) ANN COULTER HATES!

Yep, people hate Ann Coulter because Ann Coulter hates!

All I can say is that liberals are the biggest hypocrites ever and Ann must be right about a lot of what she says if she pisses off the hypocrites so much.