December 28, 2007

Hey Virginia, Scumbag Albo is at it AGAIN!

This is a TRAFFIC LAWYER scumbag who somehow got elected to the Virginia Legislature. Now that he's there, he's been busy writing traffic laws designed to bring himself more business.


"Remember the traffic lawyer/legislator who introduced a law imposing a $1050 'abuser fee' on people who drive more than 10 over? He’s at it again."

Here's his latest scam-

December 27, 2007

Benazir Bhutto Assassinated- GOOD RIDDANCE!

All over the news today is the story of Bhutto being assinated. If you read these articles it would seem that this is bad news. It's not, it's actually good news!

Benazir Bhutto was a far left socialist and (as most socialist are) was corrupt as they came. Her fight for democracy was actually a smoke-screen for pushing Pakistan to communism.

She (and her husband) were corrupt as they came. She stole BILLIONS of dollars from Pakistan. She had to flee Pakistan to escape corruption charges. Now, these accusations could be written off as political attacks except that Switzerland acknowledges (and convicted her of) money laundering through Swiss banks AND Poland admits:

"...that Benazir and her husband got $2 million in kickbacks for the purchase of 8,000 tractors in a 1997 deal. These were illegal commissions paid by the tractor company in return for agreeing to their contract."

There's much more evil to this woman than this but you won't see it mentioned in the "BOO HOO" fest that the media outlets are having.

Born Again Redneck has a good post on her.

The world is a better place without her.

December 21, 2007

Alamo Drafthouse is NOT CHL friendly

Apparently Alamo Draft House in Austin, Texas has decided to make themselves a 'Shoot People at Will' place (aka a gun free zone)-

DVDTracker over at the AR-15 forums posts this:
Took the wife there today to see I am Legend and I saw a 30.06 sign posted on the box office. The wording was correct but it did not appear to be large enough. Regardless, I'm sending them this e-mail later today and will be CCing all their locations.

I've been a fan of Alamo Draft House since moving here a few years ago. The combination of great food, mainstream and off-beat movies makes it my first choice when picking a theater. However, my recent trip to the Lake Creek location made me feel like an unwelcome customer.

As I was purchasing tickets, I saw a Texas Penal Code 30.06 sign on the box office which states, "PURSUANT TO SECTION 30.06, PENAL CODE (TRESPASS BY HOLDER OF A LICENSE TO CARRY A CONCEALED HANDGUN) A PERSON LICENSED UNDER SUBCHAPTER H, CHAPTER 411, GOVERNMENT CODE (CONCEALED HANDGUN LAW), MAY NOT ENTER THIS PROPERTY WITH A CONCEALED HANDGUN." I was actually a bit insulted to see this. Getting a concealed handgun license involves fingerprinting, background checks and a mandatory ten-hour training class with a licensed instructor. It's extremely rare for a licensee to ever need to use their handgun. It's also extremely rare to have a licensee convicted of any crime. Police are generally more at-ease if they encounter a licensee during a routine traffic stop. They know that we've done the training, fingerprinting, background checks and have jumped through the hoops to obey the law and we're on their side.

Is disheartening to see such a good business that enjoys the protection of the 1st Amendment by offering a wide variety of movies and entertainment treat those that enjoy the protection of the 2nd as unwelcome customers. If Alamo Draft House truly does not want law-abiding concealed handgun licensees as their customers, then I will take my business elsewhere.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to your reply.

If you're a frequent customer, contact information is here. Let them know.

December 20, 2007

UC Irvine: 'Anti-semitism does not constitutes discrimination'

Fark, suprisingly, pretty much sums it up:

UC Irvine concludes that Muslim students destroying Holocaust memorial, defacing campus with swastikas, throwing rocks at Jews, shouting "slaughter the Jews," was directed at Israeli policy and so not racist.


December 18, 2007

8 Questions About Traffic Tickets That Politicians Never Answer

The police and the courts should be funded from general tax revenue, not from the proceeds of exploited citizens.

Why is it that those in power aren’t asking questions like these:

1. How can the courts be viewed as fair and unbiased when much of their operating income is generated from the fines paid by traffic ticket defendants, isn’t there a fairly obvious conflict of interest here?
2. Where’s the ethical justification for the police to issue hundreds or thousands of tickets to motorists who are driving safely and rationally, but in excess of an arguably dangerous and illegal speed limit?
3. What moral objective is being served by charging ticket recipients more money to prevent “points” being applied to their driving record?
4. What is the logic behind fining a driver $300 for running a red light when a police officer issues a ticket, but only $75 when a camera generates the ticket — is the driver getting a break because it’s a lot cheaper for the camera to take a picture then for the cop to write the ticket?
5. Are we really building a better society by heaping fine upon fine and then suspending licenses because the fines aren’t paid?
6. Does it improve the system’s chances of collecting its fines by taking away the defendants ability to find and hold a job?
7. What police officer wants to be thought of as a bagman for the local government, or have his job dictated by how much money he can raise from motorists?
8. What honest judge wants to work in a court system financially dependent on finding defendants guilty?

The classic image of government-endorsed corruption is the “highwayman” with badge and gun extracting money from a compromised traveler with no hope or relief in sight. In the past these scenes were depicted in the wastelands of Mexico, or in the old “Iron Curtain” countries before the Berlin Wall met its deserved end.


December 13, 2007

Dear HP/Compaq

Thanks for selling me a 64bit laptop and then not releasing a 64bit version of your modified Nvidia drivers.


December 10, 2007

How A Red Light Camera Ticket Can Damage Your Credit Without You Knowing It

Bob needed a score of 700 or higher to get the loan, and had it until ACS, a Dallas based company reported an unpaid collection of $100. “My initial reaction was, ‘What could it be?’” asked Bob. “Who is ACS? I don’t have a single dollar owed to a credit card,” he continued. ACS, Affiliated Computer Services, is the private company the City of Dallas hired to run its red light camera program.

As it turns out, several of the cars used by Bob’s company were in his name. Someone driving one of them got a red light ticket in the spring. He didn’t know about the ticket until the collection showed up on his credit report. He still doesn’t know who was behind the wheel. “Was it an employee that had a ticket in the car that thought they could pay it and didn’t want to tell me about it? I don’t know,” said Bob.

According to Fox 4 News, in the first 11 months of Dallas’s red light camera program, ACS and the city reported 11,073 unpaid citations to credit bureaus.

December 07, 2007

Why you should not use Wikipedia....

To simply put it: DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA FOR REFERENCE! It is a bias source full of errors.

Secret mailing list rocks Wikipedia
"Controversy has erupted among the encyclopedia's core contributors, after a rogue editor revealed that the site's top administrators are using a secret insider mailing list to crackdown on perceived threats to their power."

Wikipedia black helicopters circle Utah's Traverse Mountain
"Despite its popular reputation as a Web 2.0 wonderland, Wikipedia is not a democracy. But the totalitarian attitudes of the site's ruling clique go much further than Jimbo cares to acknowledge.

In early September, the Wikipedia inner circle banned edits from 1,000 homes and one massive online retailer in an attempt to suppress the voice of one man."

MOST ACCURATE LINE: "...using their powers to hijack reality."

December 06, 2007

A German shepherd to die for protecting owner from an illegal!

"Congo is an 85-pound German Shepherd who attacked a Honduran landscaper [Giovanni Rivera] in Princeton. NJ after the illegal alien, fearing the dog, grabbed the wife and mother of the family to use her as a human shield. She understandably screamed, and Congo, appropriately, attacked. Congo has now been sentenced to death by [Princeton Municipal Court Judge Russell Annich] for the attack, and the illegal alien has received $250,000 in an insurance settlement."
FROM: Tammy Bruce

Guy James, the dog's owner, said he told the landscapers in Spanish to stay in their car until the six dogs, including Congo, were finished eating in the yard, but they didn't. A chaotic scene followed. Elizabeth James went into the yard to try to quell the situation. She said one of the workers hit the dogs with a rake and then Rivera grabbed her.
"This man grabbed me once. I saw Congo jump up. I can't say if he made contact. The second time he grabbed me from behind and we both went down on the grass. He wouldn't let go of my arm and these dogs were going to protect me," said James.


Keep in mind that-
1) The dog was provoked.
2) The man grabbed the wife and caused her to scream.
3) The man was IN THE COMISSION OF SEVERAL CRIMES when the incident occured.