September 29, 2005

Things that Offend Islam

Very good article by Barbara J. Stock.

"Burger King will be withdrawing and changing the logo for its ice cream cups because, if one looks very closely and has a good imagination, the logo appeared to some Muslims to look sort of like the word Allah in Arabic if it was viewed from just the right angle. Not wanting to offend, Burger King caved in to the constantly complaining and whining Muslims who seem to find some offense in just about everything these days. One has to wonder just how many Western Muslims can even read Arabic."

Things that Offend Islam

Political Correctness Hypocrisy At Bucknell University

Evan Maloney, over at, reports that typing "hunting terrorists" [in regards to military operations in Afganistan] in an e-mail is offensive whereas having the word "vagina" on flyers plastered all over campus is 'free speech' at Bucknell University!

Here's some excerpts:
"According to the students, when they arrived at the President's Office for the meeting, Ms. Owens held up a print-out of the offending e-mail and said "we have a problem here," telling the students that the words "hunting terrorists" were offensive. For the next half-hour, the three students were given a lecture on inappropriate phrasing."

"...I noticed that the campus was plastered with flyers that screamed "vagina" in large block letters. Although some people might find these flyers offensive, it is protected speech at Bucknell--as it should be--but apparently the phrase "hunting terrorists" is not."

Shame on you Bucknell! Go to hell Mizz. Owens!

Read the details here:
Don't Say These Words at Bucknell

September 28, 2005

America: Home of freedom! (unless you want to sit on a public park bench)

Apparently the People's Republic Of New York practices discrimination... They confiscate tax money from ALL citizens and then fund parks that are open only to a certain people (adults with children). If you do not have a child, you can get arrested for going into a public park! Welcome to a Free Country.

Here's the links:
Google News

September 27, 2005

National ID card.... A REALLY bad idea

Brought to my attention by:

The Surrender-Monkeys are exposed...

Ever wonder WHO is paying for all these people to not be at work and stage protests? Well, here you go:


It seems that the various Communist/Socalist organizations and Islamic Organiztions with terror ties are all over the place.

Saudi gets liver over others on national organ list because of payoff...

What the hell are we doing!?! US CITIZENS should get organ transplants before non-citizens!!!

What makes it even worse is that it was for a pay-off: "Saudi Arabia's embassy paid $339,000 for the operation -- about 30 percent more than the hospital would normally get from insurance and government programs."

Here's the links:
Washington Post
Jerusalem Post
All Headline News

Sylvia Hardy - Heroine!

73 year old Sylvia Hardy is a Heroine! She has been sent to jail for refusing to pay local British taxes because they are bleeding pensioners dry- "She described the tax as a "daylight robbery" and, in court, told magistrates that the charge for her two-bedroomed flat had risen by 50 per cent since 1995, while her pension had only increased by 1.7 per cent a year."

You won't believe what these taxes are being wasted on:
What they are wasting jailed Sylvia's taxes on

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Google News

September 21, 2005

Shawn Roberts = someone to be admired!

Kimberly Boyd

Brian Clark

Shawn Roberts

Neal Boortz described it best:
"Roberts was driving down a suburban Atlanta street when he saw a black male beating a white woman and trying to force her into a car. Roberts turned around to see the car driving off with the predator behind the wheel and the woman fighting for her life in the passenger seat. Roberts continued to follow the car as the female continued to fight her abductor. The car swerved into the path of a cement truck. The resulting accident killed the woman, but the bastard who had carjacked and kidnapped her was unhurt. He jumped out of the car and ran .... Shaw Roberts was right behind him. The perp had a gun and pointed it at Roberts. Roberts had a gun and used it to blow the worthless POS away. Oh .. and by the way, the perp had raped and beaten a woman in the Atlanta the week before."

Why a "Hero"? Well, he couldn't save Kimberly Boyd but, Brian Clark won't be raping anymore people.

Here's the link-
Fatal carjacking was a nightmare in broad daylight

September 20, 2005

From Russia: Liberal mental illness?

Amazingly, this comes from Russia's Pravda!

Best Quote:
"In plain words: Liberals are lazy, not necessarily mentally ill."

More fun Quotes:
"Liberals in general are lazy. They do not try to answer world problems in a logical way but prefer to take the easy, emotional, way out. Their only answer to most problems these days is to get rid of President Bush. Ask them to come up with a plan to solve a problem like international terrorism and their eyes suddenly glaze into a John Kerry like blank stare."

Good stuff!

Here's the link-