August 10, 2005

Illegal Immigrants... again

Everyone heard about that bogus $41BILLON dollar figure to get rid of all the illegals in the US that some organization-with-an-adgenda put out. And we all hear about how we could NEVER keep them all out... Well, I've improved on my sure-fire solution!

To get rid of the bulk-
1) We started ENFORCING the laws prohibiting employers from hiring illegals. We should make it a mandatory $5000/illegal fine WITH, a $1000 'bounty' it going to the whistle-blower. This would (in the near future) fill the governmant coffers with fine money and the 'bounty' would give incentive for reports.

2) Stop issuing licenses, voter registrations (oh yes, there's ALOT of those), and any sort of public assistance to illegals. THEY ARE BREAKING THE LAW! THEY ARE DOING MORE DAMAGE THAN AN ONLINE COPYRIGHT VIOLATOR (of course, there seems to be unlimited enforcement resources to stop the file trader).

To get rid of the criminal element-
3) Tie immigration, social security, and all other databases together. If you're worried about abuse, remember, those seperate databases are just as easy to abuse now.

The first two solutions could be implemented with virtually no government money expenditure! The first would actually make money and the second would save money!

And one other thought... How is it that local police can't enforce the federal immigration laws (because they are federal laws) yet have no problem enforcing the Federal drug laws?


Anonymous said...

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Edmundo said...

We are not going away..thanks for helping us recruit

chicagodale said...

Seems to me that when illegal aliens can get driver's licenses and apply for home mortgages, they're pretty much saying, "Here I am, I'm an illegal immigrant. Here's all my vital stats, name, address, cell phone number, car registration, you name it. AND THE REASON I'M GIVING YOU ALL THIS IS BECAUSE I KNOW YOU'LL NEVER BOTHER TO FIND ME."

If this country wants to make illegal aliens into legal ones, they should change the immigration laws. This will NEVER happen because the majority in this country don't want to change them. Illegal immigration is, well, ILLEGAL. If we're not going to either enforce the laws we have or make them so that we can enforce them, what's the point of having them?