October 05, 2005

Bias in the media... (...and a rant about Earle/DeLay)

The Right is always claiming that there's a Liberal bias to the Main Stream media and the Left claims the exact opposite. I, admittedly, lean to the Right so I assume that I am more sensitive to the Liberal bias. I can see the bias of Fox to the Right but, I see the bias of NBC, CBS, ABC, NPR et al to the Left. It's refreshing when I run across hard examples that easily show the leaning of the bias.

Tom DeLay is a prime example! For the past two days, I have read and heard that Tom DeLay has been indicted on a SECOND felony charge! It's been all over the web, radio and TV. The reason this shows the bias so well is because, like (all of) my co-workers [that I have asked], we have been under the impression that he's facing TWO simultaneous indictements - not true. It wasn't until this morning that I heard the true story on, not a NEWS REPORT, but a TALK SHOW.

It seems as though Ronnie Earle is more interested in 'nailing' DeLay than he is on enforcing the law! Here's what happened to the first indictment (that was pushed through on the Grand Jury's last day of meeting):
"Last week he indicted DeLay on a state jail felony count of conspiracy to violate state election laws. When DeLay's attorneys pointed out that the crime was allegedly committed in 2002 and the legislature didn't add conspiracy to the election law until 2003, Earle scrambled to come up with new charges" - from www.worldmagblog.com

Now, how does this show media bias? Easy! Myself and my co-workers all knew about the second indictement but we didn't hear/read a peep about Ronnie Earle's screw-up and the dropping of the first. Which shows Earle to be on a witch hunt to get DeLay and shows the media's bias against DeLay.

As for proof of Earle's witch-hunt:
"[Earle] had to pass the charges by three grand juries before finally finding one that would issue new indictments (this time for money laundering and conspiracy to money launder). Those jurors had been seated for just hours--not even long enough to get their parking permits, as DeLay's lawyer quipped on a local radio program."

Now, let me state for the record that I am no fan of DeLay's. Nowadays, Republicans and Democrats are the same thing.

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