August 26, 2005

Lance Armstrong is being shafted!

First off, let me tell you I am not a fan of Lance Armstrong. I think all the BS about "he's such an inspiration because he fought his cancer" is crap.

When Lance was diagnosed with cancer, he had two choices...
      1) Do nothing about it and die
      2) Go through the treatments and have a chance of surviving it.
Um, the decision is really a no-brainer. This crap about his courage and valiant fight is bunk! He chose the the the natural choice and got lucky. Other than not locking himself away and crying about cancer, which most of us wouldn't do, there's nothing heroic about his fight. To be heroic, he would have had to sacrifice.

I'm glad he beat cancer but, he deserves no worship for it.

Now, let's get to how he's being shafted. In all the media is reports that Lance used drugs during is FIRST 'Tour of France' win (six wins ago). Lance denies it but, everyone (especially the French) are still slinging the mud.

What kills me is, Lance has been drug tested for every one of the last few races (at minimum) and one every single of one of the certifiably clean. He has one SEVEN races in a row and people are bashing him over the POSSIBLE drug use of the first, SEVEN YEARS AGO! I think he has proven beyond a doubt that he is quite capable of winning the 'Tour of France' race without drugs. Why is ANYONE doubting him on the first?

Let's play devils advocate for a moment. IF he had used drugs on the first race (seven years ago), who cares!?!? He's won six more certifiably clean!

I don't believe he has cheated on any of them. This looks more of a case of poor sportsmanship than anything else.

AND, He's still no hero for beating cancer, he's just lucky.

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