April 22, 2005

The "Tolerance" and "No-Hate" people are again showing their intolerance and hatred

Even before Pope Benedict XVI is fully installed as the Pope, various liberals have already started to label him and exclaim his 'wrongness' for the job.

The same people, who believe they are morally superior to everyone, that are always preaching that people should not pre-judge, be intolerant and/or have hatred, are the exact people showing their prejudice, non-tolerance and hate.

Please note a typical media trick- instead of saying the truth that Benedict XVI was forced into Hitler's Youth Brown Shirts (at age 14) and he soon quit, they will say something like "Some have questioned whether the new pope betrayed any pro-Nazi sentiment during his teenage years in Germany during World War II." which equates him to the Nazis without reflecting his true hatred of them.

BTW, the above nazi quote comes from:
Pope Benedict XVI gets mixed reviews locally - By PORSCHA RADFORD and the Associated Press - http://www.hopestar.com/articles/2005/04/21/news/news4.txt

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