October 11, 2005

Home Depot Gets Their Just Deserts!

Good news today! Home Depot, the corporation that actively SUPPORTS illegal immigration, gets some just desserts! They are now having a small problem with their beloved illegals congregating in front of their stores as day-labor pick-up sites. They are experiencing problems of customer harassment and such. HA HA HA!!! They deserve it!

Home Depot LOVES to employ illegals and supports illegal immigration! Illegal immigrants are just fine by them as long as they:
     1) Work for Home Depot and drive down wages...
     2) Are buying stuff!

If those same beloved illegals are on their property, not doing #1 or #2, they are a problem!

Home Depot, you deserve it you f*ckers!

Here's the links:

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Anti-Illegal Immigrations sites:

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