October 04, 2005

Why doesn't either party do anything about illegals???

I was asked today "Why doesn't either party do anything about illegals?" and for those of you not privy to the answer, here it is:

  • The Democrats see illegals as 'poor people' who benefit from their hand-out welfare schemes so they figure that they will get votes/support.

  • The Republicans see illegals as religious Christians and they figure that they will get votes/support.

...and yes, illegals do manage to vote.

Both parties care about:
  • Loosing Votes/Support - They are afraid to take action against illegals for fear of losing the support of the largest minority in the US.

  • Economic Growth - You can either have 100 citizens with $20 in their pocket and let each earn $10 more for a total pool of $300 OR you can add 200 illegals and cause everyone to have only $1 for the same $300 pool.
    Either way, you have grown the economy but, the former is good economic growth, the latter is bad economic growth.

  • Appease Businesses - Since paper-people (businesses) have more sway (through $) on who gets elected than citizens, businesses are a good thing for a politician to keep happy with lots of cheap labor. Illegals provide cheap labor AND force pay down (via illegal dumping of labor on the market) which makes the paper-people very happy and screws us citizens.

  • Fills Economic Bottom - There will ALWAYS be people who are the richest and some who are the poorest. If you give the poorest enough money to raise them, then a new set of people become the poorest. This is an un-breakable law of economics.
    If you have a country with the poorest people being citizens who make $10K and you dump illegals into the country that make only $8K, guess what, you have moved the poorest down to $8K and artifically raised the poor citizens out of the poorest catagory. They still have no more buying power but, they are no longer the poorest. Now, before you say, "$10k is still poor!" let me point out to you that we are speaking in strict terms for this example and not absolutes.

This is why politicians will not raise a finger to enforce the laws and are betraying us.

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