December 27, 2007

Benazir Bhutto Assassinated- GOOD RIDDANCE!

All over the news today is the story of Bhutto being assinated. If you read these articles it would seem that this is bad news. It's not, it's actually good news!

Benazir Bhutto was a far left socialist and (as most socialist are) was corrupt as they came. Her fight for democracy was actually a smoke-screen for pushing Pakistan to communism.

She (and her husband) were corrupt as they came. She stole BILLIONS of dollars from Pakistan. She had to flee Pakistan to escape corruption charges. Now, these accusations could be written off as political attacks except that Switzerland acknowledges (and convicted her of) money laundering through Swiss banks AND Poland admits:

"...that Benazir and her husband got $2 million in kickbacks for the purchase of 8,000 tractors in a 1997 deal. These were illegal commissions paid by the tractor company in return for agreeing to their contract."

There's much more evil to this woman than this but you won't see it mentioned in the "BOO HOO" fest that the media outlets are having.

Born Again Redneck has a good post on her.

The world is a better place without her.