December 07, 2007

Why you should not use Wikipedia....

To simply put it: DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA FOR REFERENCE! It is a bias source full of errors.

Secret mailing list rocks Wikipedia
"Controversy has erupted among the encyclopedia's core contributors, after a rogue editor revealed that the site's top administrators are using a secret insider mailing list to crackdown on perceived threats to their power."

Wikipedia black helicopters circle Utah's Traverse Mountain
"Despite its popular reputation as a Web 2.0 wonderland, Wikipedia is not a democracy. But the totalitarian attitudes of the site's ruling clique go much further than Jimbo cares to acknowledge.

In early September, the Wikipedia inner circle banned edits from 1,000 homes and one massive online retailer in an attempt to suppress the voice of one man."

MOST ACCURATE LINE: "...using their powers to hijack reality."