August 28, 2007


David over at The War On Guns points out that today we should be buying ammo. I know I'll definitely be stopping on the way home...

Here's David's blog entry:

August 28 Ammo Buy

This is the only post I'm going to make today, and I'll make it brief.

WarOnGuns regulars know about today's proposed ammo buy as a counterprotest to the Pfleger/Jackson Citizen Disarmament Mobfest and Rabble-Rousin' Jamboree.

The rest of today's posts are yours, via comments. Please tell us:

Your name or screen name
What you bought
How much you bought
Where you bought it (name of store or range), including the city
Did the gun store or range help promote the ammo buy, and if so, what did they do?
If you like, you can tell us how much you spent, but that's optional.

Please restrict your comments to that information.

This post will remain up until 12:00 midnight. I'll determine a "winner" via random drawing from all entries. As previously mentioned, the victor will receive a handsome Red's Trading Post cap, courtesy of WoG reader "Sam."

One last thing--I thought about requiring some sort of proof of purchase, but that's the government's MO to consider people suspect right off the bat. We operate on the honor system here at WarOnGuns. When I announce the winner tomorrow, it will be up to them to contact me at dcodrea at hotmail dot com to claim the prize.

Go on over to his blog and let him know what you bought!