August 17, 2007

Buy A Box Of Ammo on The 28th (Of August)

David over at "War On Guns" has a wonderful idea, buy a box of ammo on the 28th to protest the anti-gun protesters!

Apparently the Brady Anti-gun Nuts are calling for a national protest on the 28th to protest 'illegal gun traffiking' (which we all know they mean any gun sales). So, David came up with this gem:

I'm going to try and start a blog swarm at WarOnGuns to get gun owners to buy a box of ammo on Aug 28--be nice if gun stores would offer some sort of nominal discount or a door prize (no purchase necessary to enter, just to keep things legal) or some such on that day to encourage this--Tuesdays may typically be slow days anyway, so this would get people in their stores and probably work out to their profit.

It'd be nice unintended consequences for the Bradys if we could demonstrate a few percentage points of sales increases on that day because of this.

I'm in! I'll be going over and getting some ammo!