August 14, 2007

Gun Control Works!

A British citizen was killed in New Jersey but, since New Jersey has such tight gun laws, he wasn't shot. Obviously, gun control works!

Paul Ritch, of Penarth, Wales, was on a two-week vacation in the United States and was visiting friends in the Cherry Hill area.

The Atlantic City Prosecutor's Office says the 37-year-old had gone to the beach, ate dinner and visited some night spots Saturday before the stabbing occurred early Sunday.

The county medical examiner's office says Ritch sustained a single knife wound to the heart.

Ritch was listed in a 2002 poll of Britain's 50 most eligible bachelors by Company magazine, and was named the 12th most eligible man in Wales in a local newspaper the same year.

The South Wales Echo newspaper says Ritch worked as a swimming and fitness instructor in Cardiff, Wales.