February 20, 2008

When The Money Disappears, So Do The Ticket Cameras

From The Daily World in Aberdeen, Washington on February 16, 2008:

  Mayor Bill Simpson will hold off on plans to put red light cameras in Aberdeen intersections in the wake of an initiative Tim Eyman is proposing to reduce traffic congestion.


  Eyman has proposed an initiative that could take any revenue the city would receive from the tickets the cameras would generate and put it into a special account to help reduce traffic congestion statewide.

  “That’s not really what we were expecting when we got into all of this,” Simpson said.


  Eyman’s initiative aims to reduce congestion by opening up carpool lanes to all vehicles in non-peak hours, requires traffic signals to be synchronized and insists accidents be cleared from roadways quicker.

THE ARTICLE from those WONDERFUL people at the National Motorists Association