February 08, 2008

3rd Grader Is Gender Confused...

Out of Highland Ranch, Colorado-

The parents of an 8-year-old boy [3rd grader] who wants to live and be treated as a girl have been working with the Douglas County School District to allow their child to attend school as a girl.

The child attended the unnamed school two years ago, and the family and the district have been talking since last fall about the child re-enrolling, said district spokeswoman Whei Wong.

"The discussion has been how best to do it," Wong said Thursday. The goal, she said, is "to ensure the kid feels safe physically and emotionally and other kids don't feel threatened in any way."

Wong said some parents have contacted school officials asking for clarification and direction. "Some parents are really concerned and freaked out about it."

Well, Duh!



Apparently, councillors are being provided to concil the other [normal] kids. Which is TOTALLY backwards.

My guess is that he's doing this for attention.