October 18, 2007

As If We Didn't Already Know, The Democrats Are TRAITORS!

This Ottoman/Armenian genocide resolution (championed by Nancy Pelosi) proves (once again) that the democrats are traitors to the US. If we look at the situation, it becomes pretty clear...

1) The killings took place about 100 years ago.
2) The killings were done by the ottoman empire (not by Turkey).

If it is SO IMPORTANT for this matter to be made part of our public record, WHY HASN'T THE DEMOCRATS DONE THIS DURING THE PAST 100 YEARS OR SO!?!?!

The only answer as to why they are pushing this resolution now is that THEY ARE TRYING TO ALIENATE TURKEY! Why alienate Turkey? - because:

1) Turkey has been allowing us a route to supply our troops in Iraq.
2) Turkey has been abstaining from fighting the Kurds in Iraq.

This resolution will piss-off Turkey and they will cut off our supply route which will hurt our efforts in Iraq. Thereby hurting our troops and helping the enemy.

And... there is a very good possibility that if we alienate Turkey, they will start fighting the Kurds in Iraq and cause us more troubles.

There is absolutely no good reason for the democrats to pass a resolution condeming the Ottomans and only negative reasons.

PROOF (yet again) that liberals are stupid, evil or both.