July 18, 2007

Gun Buy-Back Successfully Removes An 1851 Black Powder Revolver From Our Streets

Ahab over at What would John Wayne do? explains it best:

Assholes destroy antique revolver. Pretty much your standard fare for a gun buyback program, actually. If you look at the picture, the "antique" revolver looks like a brass frame (not gold plated) '51 Navy Colt.

To look at the flipside of the coin, suppose for a moment that the revolver wasn't an antique. That means that they were successful in remove a blackpowder, muzzleloading revolver "from the streets". Now, I don't have any statistics handy on use of '51 Colts in crime, but I'm guessing that they haven't been the "gun of choice" for criminals since about 1870 or so. Just guessing, though.

gun buybacks don't actually do anything. The article mentions that each gun was checked by federal authorities to see if it was used in a crime. Do you think that some gangbanger is going to swing on by and drop his Lorcin off into the hands of the waiting fuzz so they can link the gun to him? Of course not. He's going to toss that gun into the river, or give it to one of his friends, etc.

...16 WHOLE GUNS. Good job there, guys. Way to make us safer by destroying Grandpa's old 12 Gauge side by side duck gun. Assholes.

FULL ARTICLE: churchoftheduke.blogspot.com