November 21, 2006

The US Senate Prepares to push for AMNESTY for illegal aliens AGAIN!

WASHINGTON, DC (AgapePress) -- The new U.S. Senate minority leader is optimistic his party can work together with Democrats on major issues facing the nation. However, other Republicans in the Legislature have doubts about whether the GOP will be able to find common ground with Democrats as extreme leftist liberals take the reins of leadership in Congress.

Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell was chosen unanimously by his colleagues in the Senate Republican Conference to be their minority leader in Congress. He says he will seek bipartisan progress together with the Democrats rather than work to obstruct their agenda.

"We had an extraordinarily productive first session of this current Congress," McConnell notes. "It slowed down considerably in the last six months because the minority does have the ability to block and blame," he says.

The new Senate minority leader says he does not blame the Democrats for this since the GOP has done the same thing "from time to time as we were in the minority." But now that the election is over, he adds, "the American people have a right to expect us to put that behind us and grapple with some of the serious issues that are confronting us."

An example of something that is "ripe for bipartisan accomplishment," McConnell notes, is the immigration bill. And two other issues, he contends, need to be at the top of Congress's list of priorities.

The US Senate Prepares to push for AMNESTY for illegal aliens AGAIN!

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