January 09, 2007

REPERCUSSIONS OF SENATE BILL# S.2611 (URGENT! Masterplan for illegal alien control activists!)

Impacts of S.B. 2611:

1. Dissolves our sovereignty and free choice to protect our nation. If passed, neither federal, state nor local governments can build barriers on our side of the border to protect from illegal entry without permission of Mexico.
2. The Heritage Foundation estimates the bill would increase federal spending by $50 billion annually. That does not include the estimated cost of $100 billion annually for anchor babies.
3. The bill forgives felonies of illegal aliens who have stolen Social Security card numbers and identities of U.S. citizens and allows past illegal work to qualify for Social Security benefits.
4. It allows all illegal aliens to gain citizenship. Once citizens, they may import their parents and relatives into the USA—by the millions.
5. It makes parents of temporary workers who have never paid into Social Security eligible for Supplemental Security Income benefits. It allows them to gain Medicaid benefits after five years. This is a sure fire way to send our Social Security system into quicker bankruptcy.
6. This bill imposes a massive welfare program on U.S. taxpayers given to foreigners who have invaded our country. In other words, if you robbed a bank, but remained inside the building long enough, you not only enjoy forgiveness, you’re allowed to open a withdrawal account while American taxpayers deposit money into your account.
7. This bill represents a massive tax burden on U.S. citizens to pay for food stamps, K-12 education for millions of illegal alien children, SSI payments for millions of foreigners who broke all our rules breaking into our country, subsidized school lunches, rent subsidies, Medicaid, unemployment compensation and other medical care for out-of-wedlock births.
8. This bill adds 67 million new foreigners into the USA over the next 20 years according to Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation. Earlier in the debate, Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama released a report projecting the bill would bring in as many as 217 million over 20 years. That number troubled this brilliant Senate, which led them to reduce the numbers to 67 million. What great foresight by our astute senators! As if we need another 67 million foreigners displacing us from our own country!
9. This bill continues chain migration of extended families. That means that every illegal alien can bring in his entire family. Once that happens, each member of that branch can bring in their family members. It’s a pyramid scheme whereby they can bring in an unlimited number of relatives. It never ends. It’s going on right now with legal immigrants, which is why we’ll add 100 million people, at the minimum, by 2040.
10. This bill presents no mechanism for stopping this invasion. It forgives employers of past lawbreaking and sets up systems whereby illegal immigration can continue at 700,000 to 900,000 illegal annually.
11. If you think these “guest workers” will ever go back home, I’d like to sell you a fruit stand at the Arctic Circle, Alaska. If you think this bill secures our borders, I’d like to sell you fig tree at the North Pole that you can sit under to keep from getting too much sun.
12. This bill codifies prevailing wage provision for guest workers, but neglects American workers. It forces businesses to pay inflated to guest workers that would exceed wages to American citizens.
13. S.B. 2611 allows in-state college tuition, which is denied to U.S. citizens in 49 states, to all illegals and gives them first dibs on financial assistance.
14. S.B. 2611 stops police from arresting aliens for criminal violations of immigration laws. Just like happened with Mohammed Atta, when he was arrested for a traffic stop weeks before 9/11, he got off, and with this bill, any of his fellow terrorists will be set free.
15. This bill stops the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service agency from sharing information about guest-worker applicants with other agencies. In other words, criminals can be set free after being rejected for the guest-worker program.

FROM: http://www.newswithviews.com/Wooldridge/frosty211.htm