August 15, 2006

Butler County Ohio Sheriff's Office Does The Right Thing!

From the press release:
"Sheriff Jones has assigned personnel within the Sheriff’s Office Fugitive Division to oversee illegal undocumented alien information and investigations.

  • Their first priority is to seek out and arrest those individuals who have been classified as “Criminal Aliens” (those that have been convicted of certain crimes while here illegally).
  • Their second priority is to assist area Businesses in helping them achieve compliance with Federal Immigration Laws.
  • Their third priority would be to assist in the investigation and prosecution of area businesses and employers who chose to ignore the law.
  • Finally the Unit’s fourth priority would be to work with Federal Agents in the due process of individuals found to be here illegally."

    Here's the link: SO Responding to Complaints on Hiring of Illegals 05-11-2006
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